Do Democrats Really Want to Eliminate Russian Influence in U.S. Elections?

Posted: Jun 16, 2017 12:01 AM
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Do Democrats Really Want to Eliminate Russian Influence in U.S. Elections?

Democrats are so certain Russia "influenced" the presidential election. They are so focused on “Russian influence” and “Russian hacking” and “Russian election fraud.”

So, let’s see them put their money where their mouth is. If you’re so afraid of “Russian influence” in the US election, then let’s do something about it. Let’s make sure it never happens again. Let’s make sure there is no election fraud by the Russians, or anyone else.

Personally, I’m just as concerned as Democrats about election fraud…by Democrats.

I believe millions of illegal aliens are encouraged by Democrats to vote in our elections. Democrats make election fraud easy. That’s the real “election influence” and “election fraud.”

I’m also very concerned about outside groups “influencing our elections.” Russia is pretty low on my list. I’m more concerned with CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, PBS and CNBC influencing the election with their liberal bias and “fake news.”

But the worst influencer of all isn’t Russia or CNN. I’m certain Mexico sending millions of their citizens here illegally every day is far more of an influence on our election system. Millions of illegal Mexican citizens are here and voting.

Even FBI Director Comey admitted Russia didn’t actually change one vote. But Mexico’s citizens are “boots on the ground.” They are literally standing here by the millions on U.S. soil. They aren't "hacking." They are actually voting.

Or do you really believe Hillary won California by 4.5 million votes only because of legal American citizens? So, the real “election influencer” to worry about is Mexico.

No matter. Let’s all agree on one thing- Republican and Democrat together- that outsiders are trying to influence our elections. Both sides agree on that, right?

Democrats agree Russia is the one to worry about, right? And Democrats think the presidential election was “stolen” right? So, Democrats must want to do more than stand around and complain, right? They must want to prevent election fraud. They must want to guarantee free and fair elections.

If Democrats are suddenly so worried about election fraud, how can they possibly be against a proven solution and safeguard to keep elections fraud free? Voter fraud should be a top priority of everyone- President Trump, Republicans and Democrats. We all want to keep Russia out of future elections, right?

Well I know how to do it. The answer is so simple…Let’s copy Mexico!

Democrats should be thrilled. They claim nonstop that Mexico is a wonderful country. And that Mexicans coming across the border are wonderful people. Here’s a chance to make Mexico the “model” for America!

Did you know Mexico requires federal biometric Voter ID with photo and thump print? 

That’s right you can’t vote in Mexico without matching your photo and fingerprint. If the rules are good enough for Mexico, why not America? If it’s not “racist” to ask Mexicans for photo ID and fingerprint in Mexico, why is it “racist” to ask any voter for the same safeguards in America? Mexico wants to guarantee fair and free elections. Shouldn't America want the same thing?

Let's institute Federal Voter ID with photo and thumb print. And allow voting only in English. Problem solved. That means no Mexicans or Russians can influence our elections. That means our elections are safe from fraud.

Democrats should be thrilled. Because all they talk about 24/7 is how the election was "stolen"…about election fraud…about hacking…about “Russian influence.” Well I just solved your problem. This is how we guarantee no one influences future U.S. elections.

This should be President Trump’s top priority to ensure fair and legal elections, free of fraud.

Now watch how liberals react to this proven solution. Not only proven, but proven in Mexico. Watch liberals freak out. Watch liberals’ heads explode in anger. Watch liberals lose their minds. I predict they'll respond with fury, indignation and hysteria.

But I thought you were concerned with election fraud? I thought you think elections are being "stolen?" I thought you were so concerned with keeping "foreign influences" out of our elections? Right?

What happened? What changed? Cat got your tongue?

I'm betting Democrats will suddenly stop screaming about Russian influence. Wanna bet?