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Hillary and the White Ford Bronco

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In my book "ANGRY WHITE MALE" I predicted three significant things.

#1) Trump is our Brexit. Pollsters have no way to measure the anger, outrage and volatility of this year's electorate.


#2) Trump will win the election- and it may not even be close.

#3) Hillary is the worst candidate in the history of politics. She stands a better chance of winding up in the Big House, than the White House.

I wrote the book in May, but it's all falling into place in November.

At any minute I expect to hear that every national TV news network is hosting live coverage of a police car chase. It will feature Hillary riding in the back seat of a white Ford Bronco, driven by Huma, headed for the Mexican border, with hundreds of FBI vans and police cars chasing behind. And of course Democrats lining the streets to catch the last glimpse of their former presidential nominee.

Hillary has had quite a series of October surprises. Just one would be enough to drive anyone into doing something strange. But Hillary has already suffered two devastating October surprises.

And rumor has it there’s another on the way.

The first October surprise was the announcement that Obamacare premiums will soon rise by an average of 25%. In some places (like Arizona) you'll pay as much as 100% higher premiums.

That announcement was made with only two weeks to go before the election. Can you imagine? Voters will walk into the voting booth knowing their budgets have been blown to smithereens…they can’t pay their healthcare bill…they must choose between paying for food, rent or health insurance…all because of the lies told by Obama about Obamacare.


Poor Hillary has bragged she wants to expand it. Poor Hillary has bragged she is running to become the third term of Obama. Good luck with that.

The Washington Post/ABC poll showed the results of the Obamacare news. In what has been consistently Trump’s worst poll…Trump went from down 13 points…to down 4…to down 2…to down up 1 point as of Tuesday.

Most of those polls were taken before the stunning FBI announcement on Friday. So it was primarily Obamacare’s implosion that sent Hillary’s poll numbers into a historic tailspin. As of today it's a 14 point turnaround in about a week. That has to be an all-time record.

That's Trump's worst poll- an outlier for months now. Which means he could be up 5 points (or more) in the real world.

How bad are things for Hillary? Her unfavorability ratings are now higher than Donald Trump’s. She has an unfavorability rating of 60%.

Then came Friday’s stunning FBI announcement. This wasn’t as much of an October surprise, as an October bombshell. The FBI decided to re-open the Hillary Clinton email investigation 11 days before the election.

How serious is this? The FBI could have easily announced this a week or a month after the election. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out they made the decision to announce this with 11 days to go because they have Hillary dead to rights. This was so significant, it had to be announced now, or else the entire reputation of the FBI was at stake.


It’s pretty clear Hillary now stands a chance at spending time in the Big House. This should come as no surprise to anyone in the Democratic Party. I've predicted Hillary was the candidate most likely to implode as far back as April of 2015.

There are two remarkable Ironies here.

First, Hillary got caught by Anthony Weiner, of all people. The FBI was busy investigating his computer, getting ready to charge him with sex crimes involving a minor. Weiner is married- for the moment- to Hillary’s chief gal pal and Chief of Staff Huma Abedin. When the FBI got into Weiner’s computer they found more than smut. They found classified and top secret emails from Hillary, kept by Huma on her personal computer. You know, just sitting alongside the porn, and sex texts.


Can you imagine, after all the complex schemes, cover-ups and bribes, Hillary was done in by Weiner. Who knew when Weiner pressed “send,” he was setting in motion the end of Hillary Clinton.

Now to the irony of what this story is not about. This email scandal is actually small potatoes. Hillary has done much worse.

What this new FBI investigation is not about is taking bribes (disguised as donations) at the Clinton Foundation from countries that fund ISIS. Wikileaks proves Hillary knew that Qatar and Saudi Arabia were funding ISIS, but took their money anyway.


What this investigation is not about is taking $1 million from Qatar to celebrate Bill Clinton’s birthday. What did that country expect in return? What did the Clintons promise?

What this investigation is not about is Hillary taking $12 million from the King of Morocco, who are our own government considers corrupt, while Secretary of State. What did the King expect? What did the Clintons promise?

What this investigation is not about is the crime of treason for running an organized criminal enterprise called the Clinton Foundation built around “pay for play” while Hillary was Secretary of State.

What this investigation is not about is running a charity scam called the Clinton Foundation that rarely pays out anything to charity and uses the billions it receives in "donations" to fund a billionaire’s lifestyle for the Clintons.

What this investigation is not about is funneling almost $700,000 in what looks like bribes (disguised as "donations") through Clinton’s best friend Terry McAuliffe to the Democratic politician wife of the FBI agent overseeing Hillary’s investigation.

All of that is still to come.

And I hear Wikileaks has the most significant Hillary surprise ever in store for all of us this week. That will be the third “October” surprise of the last two weeks.


How many surprises can one person, who thought she had the election comfortably won, take and still maintain mental sanity? We’re about to find out.

We may yet see Hillary and Huma in that white Ford Bronco making a run for the Mexican border. My only hope is it happens two years from now, after a lengthy high-profile trial and conviction, under President Donald J Trump.   

And Hillary and Huma won’t make it past the Mexican border, because President Trump will have already erected a great big beautiful wall.

A guy can dream, can't he?

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