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Tea Party Response to President’s State of Union

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Hello I'm Wayne Allyn Root. It is a great honor to be here tonight representing the Tea Party and the American people in responding to “the State of the Union” address by President Barack Obama. I want to start by thanking the Tea Party Express and millions of Tea Party members for giving me your trust and this sacred responsibility.


As a Washington DC outsider, patriot and anti-politician who believes in the American Dream and American exceptionalism, I am proud to follow previous Tea Party leaders who have delivered this response to President Obama in previous years - U.S. Senator Rand Paul, U.S. Senator Mike Lee, Congresswoman Michelle Bachman, Congressman Curt Clausen, and former Presidential candidate and business leader Herman Cain.

Tonight the American people are being given three visions for how to move this country forward. You’ve just heard the President’s vision and the traditional response from the opposition Republican Party. Now, in this remarkable nation “of the people, by the people, and for the people” you are about to hear a third vision delivered by someone just like you…I’m a S.O.B. (son of a butcher)…a taxpayer…a successful small businessman…and a homeschool dad.

The remarkable irony is that I am the college classmate of President Barack Obama, Columbia University, Class of ’83. We graduated on the same day, from the same college 33 years ago. And we’ve never had anything in common, ever again.

I’m not a part of the political class. I’m the proud founder of AARP- “Americans Against Rotten Politicians.” The NFL’s Seattle Seahawks honor their 12th man before every football game. They acknowledge the fans- the 12th man- as the beating heart of their team. It is the fans who give their team the super natural energy to win the battle. I believe the American people…the taxpayers…the small business owners…the middle class are the true heroes, the beating heart, the 12th man of America and the U.S. economy.

We are the important ones- not the politicians…not the government bureaucrats…not the media elite…not the lawyers, lobbyists or arrogant Ivy League intellectuals. It is the people…the taxpayers…who made America the greatest nation in world history and I am proud tonight to be here representing the American people.

The vision I will lay out tonight…is “of the people…by the people…for the people.”

President Obama left an empty seat tonight next to the first Lady to symbolize victims of gun violence. I think that empty seat is appropriate. But it should represent the dying middle class. The good people of America who have lost their jobs because of Obama’s high taxes, nonstop new laws and regulations and the massive expense of Obamacare. Obama is destroying the 12th man, the great American middle class is being wiped off the earth. That empty seat should be a memorial to the vanishing middle class.


Or it could represent the 4 brave American heroes left to die in Benghazi by this administration. Under attack, abandoned by their own leaders, left to die, then disrespected when Obama and Hillary designed a cover-up, and lied to their family’s faces about why they died. That empty chair could represent the heroes left behind by the arrogant political class.

When it comes to the economy, Obama summed up the attitude of the arrogant political class when he said to the American people…to the taxpayers…to the business owners of this country “You didn’t build it.”

But, the President has it backwards. We did build it. Our hard work, creativity, ingenuity, and courage to risk our own money built this great nation. We built the schools, not government. We built the highways. We built the airports. We built the hospitals. We funded the military. We pay government employee salaries and pensions. The American taxpayers built it all and deserve the credit. Not the other way around.

So I’m not here tonight representing “business as usual.” This is a very different “State of the Union” response…and a very different vision. I’m here to take the shackles off the American people. I’m here representing economic and personal freedom. I’m here to shine a light on another way forward that takes power away from government and returns it where the Founding Fathers believed it belonged- with “we the people.”

So, start dreaming with me- about a country returned to its roots….

A country where you are in charge…

A country where the government doesn’t lie to the people and commit blatant fraud to pass laws like Obamacare….

A country where the President doesn’t dump thousands of pages of new regulations on the Friday before every holiday so the people won’t notice their rights are being taken away….

A country where new laws aren’t 2000 pages long and voted on by Congress without ever being read…

A country where the President, Congress, and government bureaucrats must live under the exact same laws as the rest of us….and if they break them, they lose their jobs and go to prison just like the rest of us.

A country where the government doesn’t call you “greedy” for wanting to keep more of your own money, the money you worked for…you sweated for…you risked your life savings for. And when they take some of your money, they say please and thank you. Folks that’s the real American Dream.

The true definition of “greed” is government stealing the money of the people who earned it…to redistribute it to those that did not earn it, in order to buy their votes so they can stay in power. That’s greed. That’s the root of what’s wrong with America. That’s why we’re failing. That’s why the American Dream is dying.


People are angry and enraged because they know the deck is stacked against them. Their government is not just failing them…it is actively working AGAINST them.

America has endured seven years of a failed presidency. But you didn’t hear about those failures in his State of the Union speech tonight. President Obama…his socialist cabal…the greedy entrenched political class… and the media elite are involved in a cover-up of epic proportions.

Well, it’s time to tell the truth. It’s time to face the facts of what President Obama and the political class has done to this once great country, that is now drowning in almost $19 trillion in debt…whose economy is stuck in quicksand… and whose new job market is reduced to minimum wage jobs…cleaning toilets, mowing lawns, washing dishes, or tending bar…an entire economy built to make the richest far richer…and the rest of us serfs begging for crumbs.

Here are just a few of the things you didn’t hear in Obama’s State of the Union…

*Under Obama we’ve lived for 7 consecutive years of GDP under 3% for the first time in the history of America. Not even during the depths of the Great Depression did this kind of disastrous economic performance ever occur.

*The Labor Force participation rate is the lowest in modern history. 94 million Americans are either unemployed, or have given up looking for work.

*For the first time in history more businesses close each day than open.

*More Americans now receive entitlement checks than work full-time.

*Of the one million jobs gained by women in America in the past decade, 100% of those gains have gone to foreign-born women. This stat is direct from the Labor Dept. of the United States.

*In the past decade America has lost 1.4 million high-wage manufacturing jobs and gained exactly 1.4 million low wage bartender and waiter jobs.

*One month sums up what is happening…in August of this past year the economy lost 698,000 jobs held by American-born workers and gained 204,000 jobs by foreign-born workers.

*Perhaps most important, you did not hear in tonight’s State of the Union that we are at war with radical Islam. At a time of war we are being led by a President who won’t even name the enemy. He is a “terror denier.”

Whether it is domestic policy, economic policy, foreign policy or national security policy, the result has been the same – a singularly failed presidency. Whether these failures were created by incompetency, ignorance…or a purposeful attack upon capitalism and American exceptionalism from within the White House…the result has been the devastation of America, especially its once great middle class.


Standing against Obama, Hillary, Bernie, their socialist Big Brother cabal, and the entrenched political class is the Tea Party.

The Tea Party has been the most profound political movement in modern political history, making dramatic changes in Congress and State Legislatures across our great country. In 2010 the Tea Party provided the energy for Republicans to win the House of Representatives with historic margins. By the time the 2014 elections were over, Republicans had won the most House seats since 1928, taken control of the U.S. Senate, won more State Legislatures than at any time since 1928, and elected a near record 31 Governors.

The reality is that President Obama isn’t winning, anymore than Charlie Sheen is winning. Under Obama’s leadership the country has turned to a sea of Republican red at the state and local level.

In seven years under Obama, Democrats have lost an unheard of 900+ state legislature seats, 12 governors, 69 House seats, and 13 Senate seats. Obama is the greatest Republican salesman in history!

Yet the media hides this remarkable Tea Party conservative success….and hides the dramatic failure of socialism masquerading as liberalism.

Now it’s time for the Tea Party to match its Congressional and local level success, and take back the Presidency. But just electing any Republican is not the answer. If it was…I’d be giving the Republican response to the State of the Union. I’m representing the Tea Party and the people of America who keep voting Republican and feel like they are getting the shaft. We’ve got to elect the right Republican who will actually cut spending, taxes, regulations and debt…kill Obamacare once and for all…and cut the size and scope of government.

To end this long national nightmare our next Republican president must pledge to erase everything Obama has done...his agenda, policies and Executive Actions. Our next president must also pledge to investigate, prosecute and convict those found guilty of lying, defrauding and stealing from the American people.

We can take back the White House and turnaround America. It’s really not difficult. Just follow the Founding Fathers and put your faith in the American people.

To accomplish these goals I’ve created a 13 point Tea Party plan… one for each of the original colonies…I’ll give you a short outline, but the details of each of the 13 points can be found at TeaPartyExpress.org.

#1) Simple. STAND DOWN. We can only turnaround this economy if the next President understands government doesn’t create jobs. And government doesn’t improve the economy. But it can create the environment conducive for economic growth and high-wage, middle class job creation. You do that by getting government the hell out of the way. STAND DOWN. The American people, taxpayers and small business will turn this economy around. Ronald Reagan proved it works- with 20 million new jobs created almost overnight, by simply cutting taxes on individuals from 70% to 28%, and dramatically cutting regulations. He did it in the middle of the same kind of economic malaise and misery as we suffer from today. It really is that simple.


#2) Throw out the entire IRS Code and empower American taxpayers and Small Business with a Low Flat Tax. This tax reform emulates the most successful and prosperous economy in the world- Hong Kong- with a 15% flat tax, including deductions for mortgage and charity, and it includes a capital gains tax rate of 0. It’s a proven winner. This one Reagan-esque action will empower small businesses across the USA and unleash the greatest economic expansion and job creation in history.

#3) Empower American business with the same 15% flat tax rate as individuals. Plus a one-time “tax holiday” to bring $2 trillion kept offshore back to USA.

#4) Repeal and Replace Obamacare. Obamacare is sucking the very life out of the U.S. economy, killing jobs and bankrupting the middle class with double-digit increases in insurance premiums, co-pays, deductibles and prescription drug costs. That’s why GDP growth is 0. This is why manufacturing, shipping and retail sales are all a disaster. The people are out of money. The U.S. economy cannot recover unless we kill Obamacare. We can’t play around the edges. Stick a cross through it’s heart like a vampire.

#5) Reset the economy to the year 2000. The biggest regulation years in history were all under Obama and the last year of the Bush Administration. Regulations are strangling the economy. This is how we create record job growth. It’s time for a reset. Let’s go back to the year 2000, the last year of Bill Clinton. Let’s erase every regulation passed by both Obama and Bush and reset to the year 2000.

#6) Reign in the EPA and Reduce Job-Killing Green Energy Regulations. Spain is the green energy capital of the world. They have over 20% unemployment and over 50% youth unemployment. Green energy kills high wage jobs, raises electric rates through the roof and creates massive debt. You want jobs? Kill the green energy agenda fast, before we become Spain.

#7) Build the wall and secure our borders. An open border is the greatest threat to national security. Illegal immigration is bankrupting America, and taking away jobs from working class and middle class Americans and holding down wages.

#8) Declare a National Debt Emergency. Debt is the other greatest national security threat. Debt is a job killer. The President must declare a national emergency to make paying down the debt the top priority of this nation.

#9) Impose Term Limits. We cannot make America great again unless we fire career politicians. No one has a right to stay in office for life.

#10) Reform and Limit Entitlements. Every able-bodied American collecting welfare or any other government entitlement check must be required to work. No more free rides. Middle class Americans get up and go to work each day. Why shouldn’t every person on welfare have to do the same thing?


#11) Give all American’s School choice. The federal dollars we’re spending on education now are failing miserably. My daughter was homeschooled and graduated last year Magna cum Laude from Harvard. It doesn’t take a teacher’s union to raise a child, it takes a great mom and dad who give a damn. No amount of federal money or intervention can change that.

#12) Reign in government agencies like the IRS and NSA. There can never again be harassment by the IRS (or any other government organization) of taxpayers for their political beliefs.

#13) Maintain a Strong National Defense. Make it our nation’s top priorities to take care of our veterans, to always stand by our great ally Israel, to stop the madness of the importation of Syrian refugees, cancel the dangerous, reckless Iran treaty, put military leaders, not lawyers in charge of wars and rules of engagement…and demand that the next president be willing to name our number one enemy- radical Islam. No more “terror deniers” in the White House.

You can read the details of each of these points at TeaPartyExpress.org.

That’s my vision for saving America…saving capitalism…saving American exceptionalism…saving the great American middle class and small business…and turning this Obama Great Depression into the greatest economic turnaround in history.

But we must recognize this isn’t just politics…it’s a battle for our survival, for your children’s future. Winston Churchill is one of my heroes and a role model. His words inspired his nation and the entire world to keep fighting Hitler and the Nazi empire at our darkest moments, when all seemed lost. I want to quote Winston Churchill’s words from a speech that rallied the UK people from the brink of destruction.

"...we shall not flag or fail.

We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans,

we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be,

we shall fight on the beaches,

we shall fight on the landing grounds,

we shall fight in the fields and in the streets,

we shall fight in the hills;

we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle.."

That ladies and gentlemen is how you fight to win. With every fiber in your body. With every ounce of courage. With heart and will and spirit. We must fight with the power of RELENTLESS. We must never ever, ever give up, or give in. We must fight to the end to save this country- the greatest nation in world history. It’s time to relentlessly defend America and American exceptionalism…before it’s gone forever.


I am confident the American people will reject the Barack Obama-Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders socialist Big Brother blueprint in the election this November. The new president has an historic opportunity to reset and rebuild with this 13-point plan.

By giving the power back to the American people, and getting government out of the way, we can enjoy another Reagan-like turnaround, expansion and American renaissance. Then America can be proud to stand again as that shining city on a hill.

Always turn to the American people and the taxpayers and small business to save America. They’ve never failed us…and they never will. The battle is far from over. As a matter of fact, it’s just beginning. And there is only one choice- VICTORY.

Thank you for listening. Good night. God bless you…and God bless America.

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