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Donald Trump is going to be the next President. There's no stopping him now. Let me explain why- with an up close and personal Trump experience.

I am writing this column after a wild 48 hours. I returned late last night from the GOP Presidential debate, where I was a guest of the Trump campaign. The night before the debate, every GOP Presidential candidate was in Las Vegas for a rally or fundraiser with their fans. Each of them attracted 200 people here…100 people there…50 people here…40 people there. Donald Trump on the other hand had a “small intimate gathering” for 5000 to 7000 fans!


And guess who had the honor and privilege of being the lead speaker and Master of Ceremonies? Yours truly.

There were only 2 speakers- Donald Trump and Wayne Allyn Root. I became the opening act for the man I believe is the next President of the United States. It was like opening for Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. This wasn’t a political rally…it was a rock concert!

That’s why Trump will be the GOP nominee for President. Rubio attracts 200. Trump brings in thousands upon thousands…a sea of humanity. My guesstimate was between 5000 and 7000.

It's important to point out that this overflow Trump love-fest happened in Las Vegas…a town notorious for zero political interest. And that makes sense because my friends all over the country tell me about Trump rallies with 15,000 attendees…18,000…20,000…and more. That’s what Trump brings to the table. No other GOP candidate can match this passion, intensity and love.

But here’s the really interesting part. Since I was the center of the Trump universe that night, I can tell you about "the Trump phenomenon up close and personal." After the speeches by Donald and myself were over, I stayed for well over an hour taking photos with the fans. It was the experience of a lifetime. Hundreds of people said Donald and I delivered the two best political speeches they’d ever heard in their lives. You can watch my speech here:


I used this opportunity to spend quality time and talk to the Trump supporters. I got to really know them. And what I found is the reason Donald will win the GOP nomination and eventually...the Presidency of the United States. The reason is Donald is the hero of working class Americans. Donald’s fan base is plumbers, electricians, construction workers, taxi drivers, secretaries, hairdressers, cops, firemen and yes, in Las Vegas- casino workers. Donald is a man of the people.

I know it’s ironic. It took a business mogul worth $10 billion to bring working class Americans to the GOP, but Donald did it. These people- almost to a man and woman- have either never voted before, or voted only Democrat in the past, or voted once for a Republican in their lives- Ronald Reagan.

These are Reagan Democrats and blue dog Democrats and independents. This is great news for the GOP. The media keeps saying the GOP needs to expand their tent. Well Donald Trump has done it.

While establishment types scream that Trump is “ruining the party” because he’s scaring off and offending minorities, Mexicans, immigrants, Muslims, etc…the reality is none of those groups are coming in any significant number to any other GOP candidate. Not Cruz…not Rubio…not Bush…not anyone. They aren’t expanding the tent by one prson. They are TALKING about expanding the tent. But moderate Republicans who criticize and condemn Trump…and say nothing and believe in nothing…like Jeb Bush and John Kasich at this point have a tent with only their own wives, children and mother in it.


But Trump doesn’t talk. He does it. Trump has expanded the base, not based on race or gender …but based on class. Why is that bad? I think expanding the tent is good, no matter who comes in. You mean that expanding the tent to include gays or women or blacks or Hispanics or Muslims is good…but expanding the tent to include millions of working class Americans isn’t good?

Funny how when Democrats get those voters, the media says it’s great. “Democrats care about the working man and woman” they say. But when Trump gets them it’s suddenly a bad thing, a condemnation, a put down. I read articles across the world on Tuesday claiming that Trump attracted an “uneducated crowd” to the Vegas rally. The Boston Globe described the rally as “ugly.” Really?

When they vote Democrat these same people are “middle America” “the working man” and “salt of the earth.” But when they vote for a Republican the media insinuates they are low class and uneducated.

Well that mass of working class Americans is the Trump Army. This is a citizen revolution. I call it “The Trump Revolution of working class stiffs.” Good people. Honest people. Hard working people. Salt of the earth. The foundation of America. Real Americans who don’t want handouts, only a job and a fair chance for upward mobility. Real Americans who have never taken welfare in their lives. Real Americans who just want their kids to do better than themselves. Real Americans who pay into the system, not take out. God bless them.


And why are they so mad? Why is Trump their hero? Because he speaks for them. He speaks plain spoken, common sense, American values. He tells the raw honest truth. They are sick of the B.S. They are sick of being lied to. They are sick of political correctness. And most importantly, they are sick of being under attack.

The middle class is being murdered- and they see it, they feel it, they are living it. They are being destroyed, annihilated, slaughtered. They are being driven out of existence by Obama’s socialist cabal and Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela-like policies…combined with the establishment GOP’s favoritism towards big business. Both parties have destroyed the working class and middle class of America. The government is actively working against the people. The system isn’t fair. The deck is stacked against them. And they see one hero who speaks for them…and wants to fight for them- Donald Trump.

That’s why Trump leads 41 to 14 in the latest polls. Think about that: 41 to 14. That’s called an historic landslide. I witnessed first hand what fuels this Trump phenomenon. He will combine traditional GOP voters (conservatives, Tea Party, pro business, small business) with millions of non traditional GOP voters- working class, union members and middle class Americans. Yes, I predict Trump will win the union vote. He will be endorsed by The Teamsters Union…by steel workers…by police and fire unions across this country.


Trump is a new kind of Republican. The kind I’ve been writing about for years. The kind I wrote about in my national bestseller- “The Murder of the Middle Class.” The kind that forms a citizen revolution with the people that made America great- working men and women of the great American middle class. The kind of citizen revolution that fights hard and fights rough to take back this country.

On Monday night in Las Vegas, I saw it all, up close and personal. I was blessed to be a witness to a new citizen revolution. I am a witness to THE TRUMP REVOLUTION.

I am a witness to history.

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