Trump Is Money in the Bank

Posted: Aug 11, 2015 12:01 AM
Trump Is Money in the Bank

My new book “The Power of RELENTLESS” launched just yesterday. Perfect timing, because Donald Trump is in the news- again. Surprise. “The Donald” is the very definition of “relentless.” He is relentlessly outspoken. He is relentlessly opinionated. He is relentlessly combative. He produces nonstop relentless media headlines. He produces relentlessly high ratings. He is also relentlessly successful. He is “money in the bank” for everyone around him.

How relentless is Donald. He’s like a human Energizer Bunny. He’s like a real-life wack-a-mole. Nothing stops him. Nothing slows him. Nothing bothers him. Political correctness is not an option. That’s precisely how he built a $10 billion fortune. The same “Power of Relentless” mindset that works in business, also wins elections.

My question is why is anyone on the right…like the Republican National Committee…like fellow GOP Presidential candidates…like Fox News Channel…upset at Donald Trump? The guy is a winner. Money comes out of his eyes, ears, nose…and wherever. Yes, he’s money in the bank. Why would anyone complain?

Fox News just got the highest ratings in history for their GOP Presidential debate. Not just the highest ratings ever for Fox News. Not just the highest ratings ever for a political debate. The highest ratings ever in cable TV history for a non-sports event. Amazing.

Why? Well I guarantee you 24 million people didn’t tune into see John Kasich. They tuned into to see “The Donald Trump Presidential Debate.” Donald Trump turned a GOP Presidential debate into the number one reality show in America. What’s wrong with that?

Trump is the best thing that ever happened to Fox News. He’s the best thing that ever happened to the GOP. Hurting the GOP brand? What brand? No one under the age of 30 even knew there was a GOP until Trump came along.

And GOP presidential competitors? They should kiss the ground Trump walks on. All 9 competitors are wonderful, bright, accomplished people. But without Trump they were also unknown outside their own states, or circle of fans. Trump put them all on the map! Their unknown brands were exposed to 24 million new fans. Trump is the best thing to ever happen to everyone involved.

Donald Trump reminds me of another relentless New Yorker named George Steinbrenner. He was also a bigger-than-life, outspoken, opinionated, combative, lightning rod and business mogul. Like Trump, when Steinbrenner spoke it made the tabloids and the front pages of the New York newspapers. Like Trump, he offended people. Like Trump, Steinbrenner had many detractors and critics.

Most importantly, like Trump, Steinbrenner’s unique persona made everyone around him rich. The value of the Yankees went from $8.7 million (in 1973 when he bought the team) to over $2 billion by the time of Steinbrenner’s death in 2010.

Steinbrenner’s outspoken personality made billions for newspapers, tabloids, television, radio, sports memorabilia and major league baseball. He was the biggest spender in free agency, so he made the players wealthy beyond imagination. He made the Yankees universally hated, thereby attracting the biggest ticket sales at away games year after year. Fans spent money just to sit in a seat and boo Steinbrenner and his team. So he made his fellow owners rich too. Everyone got rich around Steinbrenner.

And like Trump, Steinbrenner was a winner. In his 37 years of ownership, the Yankees played in 11 World Series and won 7 World Championships. That’s an unheard of one championship every 5 years. During that span the Yankees won the most games of any baseball team. They compiled a never-again-matched 21 consecutive winning seasons.

Ask New York Yankee fans if they appreciated and enjoyed all this winning. I’ll bet they did. People like Trump and Steinbrenner are Human Energizer Bunnies. They are like Tornados. They throw off electricity. They make things happen. And we all want to plug into their electric sockets to grab some of that energy.

Like Steinbrenner, Donald Trump is a winner. Like Steinbrenner, everyone around Donald benefits. He is relentless. He expects relentless excellence. And we all win. We all get relentlessly richer when in the presence of a Donald Trump.

Now isn’t that refreshing compared to Barack Hussein Obama? With Obama we all lose. With Obama we all suffer. With Obama we all get poorer. With Obama we all live in shared misery and mediocrity.

Conservatives should stop fighting the Donald Trump effect. Let’s embrace it. Let’s celebrate it. Donald Trump is money in the bank.