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I've said for years that the mainstream media doesn't report the news...they report the news that fits their storyline. Well as Ronald Reagan might say, "There you go again." Tuesday was one of the darkest days in American political history for a sitting President. And, as usual, the biased mainstream media decided not to cover it.

Obama had a "Come to Jesus" moment. A sign so devastating that he ought to consider dropping out of the 2012 Presidential race for the good of the Democratic Party...and America. Obama’s situation was summed up by comedian Jimmy Kimmel who recently joked “There is a term for Obama. Not two terms. Just one term."

Obama's jaw-dropping moment occurred Tuesday in the West Virginia Democratic Presidential primary. Obama squeaked out a 58% to 42% victory. You might ask, “Who got the 42%? I didn’t know Obama had an opponent for President on the Democrat side?” Good question. Obama didn’t know he had an opponent either. Neither did the media.

The man who got 42%? Inmate #11593-051. Yes, you heard correctly. A Texas prison inmate named Keith Judd, incarcerated for 17 years for extortion, won 42% of Democrat primary voters in West Virginia’s Presidential primary against Barack Obama, the incumbent President. Keep in mind these were Democrats, Obama’s most loyal voters.

But wait. It gets worse for Obama. Inmate #11593-051 won 10 West Virginia counties outright! Against a sitting Democratic President.

There are several conclusions to be drawn. First, Obama is in deep, deep, deep trouble. President Lyndon Johnson circa 1968 trouble.

Second, Obama's popularity in some areas of the country is as low as a politician can get without hitting zero. Obama would lose to Donald Duck in West Virginia nowadays. And it wouldn't be close.

But West Virginia is symbolic of the President's lack of popularity in vast swaths of America. Obama's electoral map should feature NY, NJ, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont in the Northeast...Illinois in the Midwest...California, Oregon and Washington in the West...and nothing but blank space in-between.

Just like his favorite companies GM and Chrysler, Obama himself is in desperate need of a bailout. Has anyone seen Hillary Clinton?

Third, Obama has become this generation’s Lyndon Johnson. In 1968 LBJ sadly came to the realization that his re-election was crippled by the Vietnam War. Forty-four years later, Obama must now come to the sad realization that his re-election has been crippled by an economic war. Obama is the CEO of an economy with massive unemployment, crumbling real estate values, a higher growth rate for disability rolls than for job rolls, and the loss of our Triple A credit rating. Blaming it on someone else will no longer work. Not in the 4th year of his Presidency. Not with record numbers of Americans on unemployment, welfare, food stamps and disability.

It appears Nancy Pelosi was right. Food stamps and unemployment are the centerpiece of economic growth with Obama as President.

Obama's bag of tricks is running on empty. Bragging about killing Osama Bin Laden - didn’t help. Demanding free contraception from health insurance companies for women - didn’t help. Making a surprise visit to Afghanistan - didn’t help. Coming out in favor of gay marriage - won’t help. In the end it’s all about dollars and cents. “Jobs” is the only issue that will elect the next President of the United States. And Obama has failed miserably. Tuesday's West Virginia primary results prove that even Obama is not too big to fail. It also proves that Americans are fed up with Obama’s regulatory attack on the U.S. economy, in this case destroying the West Virginia coal industry.

This story also, once again, proves the mainstream media are "in the bag" for Obama. This hasn't been big news? Can you imagine if a prison inmate had gotten 42% of the vote and won 10 counties against George W. Bush in a Presidential primary? This would have made headlines across the world. They'd be talking about it in sub Saharan Africa. The angry "Arab Spring" mobs would be chanting about it in Egypt. And Bill Maher would be making prison rape jokes about Bush.

The common sense country folks of West Virginia sent a warning shot over the bow of the U.S.S. Obama. They screamed to the rest of America that "Anyone- Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, or even a prison inmate- is better than what we've got running the country now."

Whether the mainstream media notices or not...whether they are in denial or not...Obama's best days are behind him. Lyndon Johnson took the hint in 1968. It's time for Obama to realize the light at the end of the tunnel is a train headed straight for him at 200 MPH. It's time to move out of the way. The peasants with the pitchforks are coming.

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