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Throughout the campaign that will decide who the next Chairwoman of the Republican National Committee will be, I have had the opportunity to get to know both Harmeet Dhillon and Ronna McDaniel. And in our conversations, we discussed many things but chiefly among of them: how to ensure that as Republicans we focus not just on preaching to the choir but doing all we can to grow the congregation.


In my conversations with Harmeet, I heard a lot of great intentions. But in my conversations with McDaniel, I heard plans.

I heard plans informed by both the successes — and mistakes - of the past. I heard plans - born out of humility - in response to criticisms she has heard from the grassroots of our party, who just want to win again. 

But most importantly, I heard a Chairwoman - who herself - wants to win again. Not just for herself but for the country.

We all know how high the stakes are for our nation and that we need the strongest possible leadership as we head into what’s going to be a grueling presidential election cycle. In my humble opinion, the candidate best prepared, ready and tested to lead the Republican National Committee is Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

I respect Harmeet Dhillon and I consider her a friend and a damn good lawyer to boot. But this election isn’t about personalities.

It’s about substance and it’s about results.

Under Ronna's leadership, we have seen consistent, steady results that have contributed to the strength and growth of the entire Republican ecosystem. Some of these victories include picking up four U.S. Senate seats in Florida, North Dakota, Missouri, and Indiana in 2018; flipping 15 seats in the U.S. House, 135 seats in state legislatures, and had the only gubernatorial pick up for either party with Greg Gianforte in Montana in 2020; when we flipped the Virginia governorship with Glenn Youngkin in 2021; and most recently, when we took back U.S. House and knocked off the only incumbent governor for either party with Joe Lombardo’s win in Nevada in 2022.


Cycle to cycle, Chairwoman McDaniel has fought for our party, principles, and conservative platform. She has raised a record $1.5 billion under her tenure, and that funding has been used to directly support candidates and grassroots activism across our great nation. Ronna implemented tremendous positive change at the national level including the first, top-to-bottom election integrity operation in nearly four decades. In just two years, Republicans were able to make up for decades of lost time and close the gap with Democrats. With this historic effort, the Party is actively litigating bad policies and laws being implemented by Democrats, and has recruited thousands of poll workers and poll watchers in key battleground races.

There is no question that Ronna truly believes in growing our party from the grassroots up, in addition to engaging with communities that Republicans haven’t traditionally sought after. And as a former conservative democrat - who served as County Executive for one of Georgia’s largest urban communities - I share the Chairwoman’s passion in doing so.

For the first time, the RNC opened 38 brick-and-mortar community centers in 19 states to make inroads with Black, Hispanic, Asian Pacific American, Native American, Jewish, and veteran voters. Since the 2018 midterms, support among Black, Asian, and Hispanic voters for the Republican Party shifted dramatically to the right. This didn't happen by chance, it happened because of Ronna's dedication to growing our party and reaching out to every possible voter. I know that under her leadership, the Republican Party’s outreach to minority communities will continue to grow and improve for cycles to come.


Not only has Ronna been an advocate for the grassroots, but also for our party’s conservative platform. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision this Summer, Ronna proved to be an arduous fighter for the pro-life movement. She is an unwavering advocate for the unborn and has remained true to the party's platform when it comes to the important issue of life. Ronna has been on the frontline calling out Democrats who want to allow abortions up until the moment of birth.

In closing, I’d like to talk about my home state of Georgia. The investments made by the RNC under Ronna McDaniel’s leadership in the Peach State, Republicans won 8 out of the 9 statewide races, and kept our majority delegation of Republicans at the congressional level. From staff support, to a data-driven ground game, to early and absentee vote plans, the continued investment in grassroots training and get-out-the-vote efforts helped Georgia achieve these undeniable victories.

Ronna has set the groundwork and foundation to get our party on track by raising record funds, building on Republican victory through the grassroots since she was first elected, expanding on election integrity, standing by our platform, and growing our party through outreach to new voters. For these reasons and many more, I ask you to join me in supporting Ronna McDaniel.


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