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It’s no secret: Socialism is on the rise in America.

President Biden’s recent $500 billion cancellation of student loan debt is noteworthy in the sense that it’s supported by more than 80 percent of Millennials, most of whom prefer socialism to capitalism. Despite the hefty tax burden associated with student loan forgiveness, young Americans clearly want more government in their lives, not less. They are fed up with the free market. They feel betrayed by capitalism, eyeing greener pastures.


But feelings are not facts. The U.S. economy may have its problems, but free enterprise is not one of them. To the contrary, capitalist principles like entrepreneurship and innovation are the solutions to America’s current economic malaise.

There is no greener pasture than economic freedom. I know because I’ve lived the alternative—an ugly, ugly alternative. I grew up in Venezuela, one of the world’s most horrifying socialist nightmares. When I was a girl, Venezuela became a country where stores were always empty, with no basic necessities in sight.

While consumer choice is a foregone conclusion in American stores, I saw it disappear in Venezuela. There was almost nothing to buy, and Venezuelans had no choice when it came to products that were available. Without industrial production, there was nothing remotely like the variety of merchandise that we find on shelves here.

Today, Venezuela’s main products still come from other communist countries, such as China or Cuba. It is a country where nearly one-third of people struggle to feed themselves, crumbling under the weight of a failing economic system.

Think 8.5 percent inflation is bad? Try 170 percent in Venezuela. The economic situation is so dire in Venezuela that the country has lost millions of people over the last decade. Since 2015, more than 6 million people have left Venezuela—one of the worst migration crises in recent history.

Venezuelans aren’t just fleeing poverty; they are escaping socialist persecution. I came to the United States in search of freedom on all fronts, including the freedom to dissent. Back home, I was chased and beaten by thugs for daring to support the only non-socialist political party in Venezuela. My family was harassed on a regular basis. Critics of Hugo Chavez’s dictatorship faced the same fate: Punishment by government.


Trust me: There is nothing good about socialism—period. Americans who support socialism—real socialism—have never lived it. I would invite them all to experience it in Venezuela, where internet access is no guarantee.

The nightmare of socialism makes its rising popularity in the United States all the more tragic. It is a generational problem with potential consequences for decades to come. Now is the time to reverse socialism’s momentum and elect leaders who understand its pitfalls.

Many Democrats are indistinguishable from politicians in Venezuela, and that is a punishable offense. In 2024, American voters need to punish socialist sympathizers by voting them out. Voting Republican is the only viable option.

We are ready for a leader like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who condemns socialism at every turn. In his words: “Socialism wrapped in ignorance is something Floridians from all walks of life reject.” Millions of people outside of Florida reject it too, but we need the right leadership in the White House to have our backs. We need DeSantis, a proven education reformer who opposes the “whitewashing” of socialism in public schools, urging teachers to educate students about the evils of totalitarian regimes like Venezuela.

DeSantis recognizes that socialist policies are destined to fail. And he isn’t afraid to say so, despite facing daily attacks from Democrats and their media allies. His fighter’s mentality deserves broad support.


Americans don’t need politicians who experiment with socialist policies, such as student loan cancellation. In 2024, we need an actual leader who is willing to call out the radical Left.

Ron DeSantis is that leader. We are “ready for Ron” because we’re ready to defeat socialism—before it’s too late.

A Venezuelan immigrant, Vanessa Porras is a software engineer, cybersecurity consultant, and advocate for Ready for Ron PAC.

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