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Biden's Yelling and Lies Can't Hide the Fact the State of Our Union Is Weak

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Jacquelyn Martin, Pool

Joe Biden delivered his second State of the Union address on Tuesday night. And as you probably expected, there was stumbling, bumbling, lots of yelling, and even more lying.


"The state of the Union is strong!" Biden yelled from the dais.

In reality, as Congressman Brian Babin (R-TX) told Townhall, "It's a disaster on every front."

Help us continue to expose Biden's lies and fabrications.

Throughout the night, Biden repeatedly took credit for outcomes out of his control and boasted about "successes" that came months after his administration's policies created a crisis in the first place.

On the economy, the president took credit for creating 12 million new jobs in his first two years in office – ignoring the fact that a majority of those "new jobs" were recovered, not created, as draconian Covid lockdown policies pushed primarily by leftist leaders and the administration caused massive unemployment.

The senile old man also attempted to take credit for lowering inflation over the past six months, even though his administration's reckless spending is responsible for it soaring to levels not seen in four decades. And if the Democrats' radical spending wasn't to blame for inflation, what was? You guessed it. Biden passed the buck once again and blamed the pandemic and Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Grandpa Joe then tried to claim that American take-home pay is rising, though inflation is outpacing the percent increase in wages. In the real world, hard-working Americans are taking a pay cut, and the Democrats and mainstream media want you to be content as things could be worse.


We cannot be silent about the economic pain Biden's woke policies are inflicting on the American people. Join us in the fight against this radicalism.

On Covid-19, Joe Biden bragged about how far the nation has come since the school closures and "shutting down everything." But the progress made is no thanks to this administration, which kept lockdown mandates in place longer than necessary, and its pals in the woke teachers' unions, who did everything they could to keep schools shut down as they lined their pockets with cash, putting the next generation of American kids years behind academically. And if you didn't know, the Biden administration has yet to end the Covid emergency.

Hardly mentioned in his speech was foreign policy. And we all know why – the president is an incompetent disaster, from China to the border. This incompetence was on full display last week when the U.S. military and Biden administration allowed a Chinese spy balloon to cross the entire nation before shooting it down over the Atlantic Ocean. Joe Biden tried to come across as strong against China in his address, but his actions say otherwise.

Not mentioned once during his speech to the nation was his self-inflicted border crisis, which has seen the number of illegal immigrant crossings smash record after record. The president also called on Congress to tackle the horrific fentanyl crisis that is killing thousands upon thousands of Americans each year, ignoring the fact that his failed border policies are empowering the cartels smuggling the deadly drug into the country.


The state of our Union is weak.

Joe Biden still has two years left in his first term in office, and we must do everything we can to stop his radical agenda and hold our elected leaders accountable so that they start serving We the People once again.

As Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated in her rebuttal to the president's address, Joe Biden "is simply unfit to serve as Commander in Chief."

Help us continue our conservative reporting as we bring the truth about the radical left's plans to destroy our great country and fight back against Big Tech censors and the left-wing media carrying out the Democrats' bidding.

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