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18 Months of Utter Incompetence

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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

How much worse could the Democrats screw things up? Don't tempt them.

The last year and a half (yes, it's only been 18 months) have revealed the utter incompetence of the Biden administration and the radical left. Their disastrous policies are destroying our country – the economy is in shambles, the southern border is wide open, gas prices are still at record highs, and the president is getting Covid and babbling about having cancer.


Did you see the latest inflation numbers? Hold on to your wallets – and prices are only going to get worse. Rather than take inflation seriously, Joe Biden and his cabal of leftists are crushing American energy with their America Last policies, focusing on "climate change," proposing massive new taxes, and denying we are in a recession. So much for caring about the kitchen table issues, right, Joe?

Now more than ever, we must fight back against these leftists to save America. But we need your help to continue to tell the truth.

While Americans are struggling to make ends meet, hordes of illegals are crossing our southern border, straining the resources of America's border towns and cities across the country. Not even the libs in New York City and Washington, DC, can deny the border crisis any longer, as they are beginning to witness the results of Biden's failed immigration policies firsthand.

And Joe Biden isn't just screwing up royally in the eyes of Republicans, but Democrats, too. The Democrat base doesn't want Joe to run in 2024. They know he's tired, old, and senile. He just can't do the job. His approval rating is drowning, and his base is fleeing. Young voters are heading for the hills. And don't even get us started on Hispanic Americans, the "breakfast tacos," as Jill Biden referred to them. A constituency that Democrats took for granted is fleeing the sinking ship. They don't support open borders or the left's woke agenda.


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You will directly support our in-depth investigative reporting from Mia Cathell, detailing the corruption of Biden's crackhead son Hunter and exposing a mother's relationship with her 10-year-old daughter's alleged illegal alien rapist.

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We're almost three months away from the November elections, and Joe Biden has already caused so much destruction and fueled so much chaos in just a year and a half. Republicans must take back Congress.

In January 2023, we must kill the Biden agenda once and for all.


Join the Townhall army working to save America and our beloved freedoms. We won't back down. Not now, not ever.

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