The Truth About the China Virus Wuhan Lab Leak

Posted: May 26, 2021 11:00 PM
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The Truth About the China Virus Wuhan Lab Leak

Source: AP Photo/Ng Han Guan

Throughout 2020, as the China virus spread across the globe, infecting millions and killing hundreds of thousands, Townhall reported on the latest information about COVID-19's spread, President Trump's plan to defeat it and his efforts to develop new treatments, and most importantly, reminded readers where the virus originated: Wuhan, China.

While Townhall reported on those questioning the lies coming from the Chinese communist government and the scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology about the coronavirus leaking from a lab, the left-wing media, Democrats, and Dr. Fauci bought into the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda and anyone asking questions about a potential lab leak was labeled a conspiracy theorist.

Now, the Left and the Democrat Media Complex are changing their tune, saying that the lab leak theory has some credibility, but we were reporting the facts and real news first:

April 14, 2020: "It's Looking Increasingly Likely Wuhan Coronavirus Came From a Lab Bat"

April 15, 2020: "WaPo Debunks Their Own Story Criticizing Tom Cotton for Spreading 'Conspiracy Theory' About Wuhan Lab"

April 16, 2020: "Tom Cotton: If Wuhan Coronavirus Escaped from a Lab, China Is Responsible for Every Death and Lost Job"

April 22, 2020: "Why the Liberal Media Refused to Believe That the Wuhan Coronavirus Came from a Chinese Lab"

September 12, 2020: "Chinese Scientist: I Have Proof Wuhan Coronavirus Was Made in a Lab"

The mainstream media actively worked to suppress the truth on behalf of the Chinese communist government.

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