Why the Liberal Media Refused to Believe That the Wuhan Coronavirus Came from a Chinese Lab

Posted: Apr 22, 2020 2:00 PM
Why the Liberal Media Refused to Believe That the Wuhan Coronavirus Came from a Chinese Lab

Source: AP Photo/Ron Harris

Almost everyone here has either covered it or mentioned it, but the liberal media’s affinity for peddling Chinese propaganda. Why? Well, it makes Trump look bad. It’s all about attacking this White House, no matter how absurd. It’s truly remarkable how fast the entire mainstream press corps became de facto spokespersons for the Chinese Communist Party. But ‘orange man…bad,’ right? It’s this knee-jerk reaction to attack anything Trump says that has led to the media becoming riddled with buckshot concerning its errors. They don’t care about being wrong all the time either. And for Republican senators, like Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR), who mentioned that the Wuhan coronavirus could have escaped from a lab, he was crucified. Well, it looks like that might be the case, as Fox News' Bret Baier reported that this was a lab experiment gone awry. China was doing its own research on viruses, like we do here, except China obviously sucks at it. The wet market nearby was blamed to distract us from China’s rather embarrassing laboratory screw-up. And yet, maybe the media could have been ahead of the curve on this, but decided to look down the barrel of a shotgun again and stain the walls with their mess again (via Fourth Watch):

There's a reason why some in the media are apt to cover for China even more than usual right now. And to get to that reason, let's look at the story of how the coronavirus originated. Reporting this week from the Washington Post and Fox News both point to the Wuhan lab as being the most likely scenario - an accidental leak due to subpar safety conditions.

This will come as a major surprise to you if you've been following the story in any of the major newspapers or television networks. Two months ago today, Sen. Tom Cotton questioned on Fox News whether coronavirus may have come from the Wuhan lab. "Because of China's duplicity and dishonesty from the beginning, we need to at least ask the question," he said.

New York Times columnist and CBS News analyst Jamelle Bouie deemed Cotton "one of the most irresponsible and dangerous people in federal office."

(By the way, if people actually watch the interview, you can see Cotton raise some questions that would have been a lot more beneficial if the media had focused on that - like asking "the extent to which it's contagious before one is symptomatic.")

You can see in Bouie's tweet what's really behind this. "Trump aside," it begins.

The idea that the virus leaked from a China lab somehow makes it seem like Trump is less culpable in the result. It's also not particularly "woke" to identify subpar superlab conditions in China as the cause of our current lockdown.

Yeah, that’s a pretty spot-on observation from Steve Krakauer, a former CNN producer, and he also mentioned Bloomberg News’ kowtowing to the Chinese government when one of their reporters got a scoop on some shady dealings with top government officials. Bloomberg threw their own reporter under the bus and threatened his family. So, the media being soft on China really isn’t new, though its impact has not been good. Even in sports, before the season was suspended, the NBA’s appeared to be run by Beijing over the Hong Kong protests. 

Another area of propaganda that’s peddled by the media is the number of Wuhan virus cases and deaths. There’s no way the US leads the world, even as liberals jump for glee because they think this will make Trump look bad. Liberals are idiots, but they have an appalling conception that everyone is just as dumb or dumber than they are—so they think that the American voter will blame Trump for a virus that came from a Chinese lab, whose leaders sat on their hands for nearly a week when presented with evidence that this could become a pandemic, and who had ordered its scientists to destroy samples of the pneumonia-like coronavirus back in December. China has disappeared vloggers and doctors who tried to raise the red flag. They kept their medical crews in the dark and prevented hospitals from reporting new cases. But it’s Trump’s fault, or something. This is China’s fault. It’s a Chinese virus. And everyone knows it, but Democrats, liberals, and their drooling vegetable brigade in the media.