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Lawmaker wants ban on taxpayer-funded ad campaigns against sodas, junk food

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Want a Twinkie? The government shouldn't spend any money to convince you not to eat it.

At least, that's the premise behind a bill that was just introduced in Congress. The bill, written by Rep. Scott DesJarlais, R-Tenn., would prohibit federal money from going toward ad campaigns against foodstuffs and beverages that the feds consider safe and legal.


"I don't think it's the federal government's (role) to try and regulate people's habits on products that were deemed safe by the FDA," he told "The government is reaching too far into our lives in trying to regulate personal habits."

DesJarlais introduced the bill following a flap in New York City over an anti-obesity subway poster. The ad showed a man on a chair who appeared to be missing a leg, with crutches in the background. "Portions have grown," the ad said. "So has Type 2 Diabetes, which can lead to amputations."

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