Diner Offers “Dictator Obama” Breakfast Special

Todd Starnes
Posted: Mar 08, 2016 7:48 PM
Diner Offers “Dictator Obama” Breakfast Special

The “American Diner” in Liverpool, New York may be the most politically incorrect diner in the Empire State – and possibly the nation.

 The “American Diner” is a gun-toting, beef-eating, Constitution-loving establishment owned by Michael Tassone.

 Mr. Tassone is a no-nonsense God & Country fellow who takes pride in Old Glory and his signature “Animal Burger” – made from 24 ounces of “American Love.”

 “We talk religions and politics and we encourage people to carry their guns,” Mr. Tassone told me. “The Second Amendment protects all the rest of them.”

 They also encourage folks to say Grace.