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America is experiencing a “common sense” crisis. 

During last Tuesday’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing session, nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was asked by Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn (R) to provide a definition for the word ‘woman.’ She couldn’t. But it’s more likely that she wouldn’t.


Most sound-minded people listening to the hearings would agree that Senator Blackburn asked a simple question deserving of a simple answer, still Jackson responded, “I can’t…not in this context. I’m not a biologist.” 

Let’s be clear: a person — more specifically, a woman — on her way to being confirmed to rule in the highest court of the land should be willing and able to provide a definition for the word ‘woman.’ Let’s also be clear that while Judge Jackson may not have provided a definition, she certainly answered the question, offering comforting assurance to the progressives responsible for her nomination.  

This most recent example of “nonsense” demonstrates how left-leaning public officials seem far more concerned with appeasing the radical progressives in their party than they are with acknowledging settled truth and listening to the American people. 

For years, the American culture has been trending in a direction that embraces illogical reasoning and contradictory belief systems. We’ve recently witnessed a biological male win a NCAA women’s swimming championship, and consistently read about businesses and individuals being “canceled” for their religious beliefs. 

And Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill that was recently signed by Governor DeSantis? This bill simply prohibits schools from introducing topics related to sexuality and gender identity to children before fourth grade, allowing parents to introduce their children to complex topics, yet President Biden and his radical supporters called the bill “hateful.” 


And the absurdity doesn’t end there. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom is working hard to make it easier and cheaper for women to end the lives of their unborn babies. Just this month, he signed a bill mandating that private insurance companies cover abortion services, ensuring there would be no out-of-pocket payment for abortions throughout the state.

As we watch elected officials throw away common sense and embrace a radical agenda with more ease and regularity, some would argue that it’s already too late to turn back. But it’s never too late to fight against the current. Our actions still matter. Common sense can still win the day in this nation. But how? 

First, we need to start by speaking up — loudly and more often — against these dangerous, illogical ideas. We need to be unafraid to call a spade a spade. We need to stop worrying about offending people. We can’t fear cancel culture. We need to exercise our first amendment rights and practice what we preach. We need to fight against relativism and stand for truth. We need to remind the Biden administration and its supporters that there is a silent majority that stands for faith and freedom.

We also need to vote for common sense candidates this November. This is not a time to stand silently by and do nothing. We need to get to the polls, knock on doors, and encourage others to get out and vote for candidates that will fight for freedom and family values. The polls are showing that Americans are fed up with Democrats’ radical ideologies and unkept promises, but the polls mean nothing if we don’t show up in November. 


Finally, we need to pray for this nation. Pray for elected officials — the ones we agree with, and perhaps even more for the ones we don’t. We need to pray that truth and common sense will prevail. Prayer is powerful. After all, it’s been said that the greatest wars are fought on our knees.

So, please, speak up. Fight for truth. Vote. Pray. This nation’s future depends on it. 

Timothy Head is executive director of the Faith & Freedom Coalition.

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