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It’s only going to get worse. The Democrats’ $1.9 trillion “stimulus” package has paved the way for a ballooning national debt and a permanent welfare state that will hold people back. Now the left is rushing to enact even more extreme policies that will darken America’s future for decades to come. 


Every Republican and their mother should be shouting from the rooftops. If the right doesn’t mobilize and spark a national backlash, like we did in 2010, Democrats will remake America along radical lines.

Republicans need to get their act together and help America see what’s really happening. That starts by simply telling the truth and shining a light on the facts. 

To start: The “stimulus” bill was a spending nightmare. Before it was signed into law, Congress already spent $3.5 trillion to fight the pandemic. And in any case, the country is already bouncing back -- fast. Our economy is expected to grow by 4.7% this quarter, unemployment rates are falling, and shuttered industries are bursting back into business. Instead of acknowledging this rebound, the left ignored it and said we needed to spend more money.  

This spending spree has no justification. Right after our national debt hit a record $28 trillion, Biden signed over a trillion dollars away to people who don’t need the cash—including $1,400 checks to convicted criminals and illegal immigrants, $350 billion to states, and $86 billion to bailout union pensions. As a gift to teachers unions, Democrats gave $130 billion to schools—many of which aren’t open because of the unions. These items only scratch the surface of the hundreds of billions of dollars that went to liberal pet projects. 


Beware. This marks the beginning of the Democrats’ spending spree, not the end. They’ve now set their sights on a $3 trillion package that will funnel money toward more liberal wish-list items, including Green New Deal policies and a bailout to liberal colleges in the form of “free” tuition. This time, the price tag even has moderate Democrats worried. And Biden’s team is already talking about which taxes they’re going to hike to pay for it. 

So what is really going on here? Democrats plan to use the spending spree to grow their political coalition. They hope that federal handouts can buy votes. 

Before Biden signed the COVID bill, our welfare system incentivized work by rewarding working, low-income parents with a $2,000 tax credit to help them make ends meet. But the Democrats used the COVID bill to sneak in the second largest welfare expansion in our nation’s history. What’s worse is that they did this while explicitly breaking the linkage between welfare and work. 

While the far-left blows up the budget and shackles Americans to the government, don’t expect them to soften any of their other radical plans with bipartisan compromise. From immigration reform that would exacerbate Biden’s border crisis, to a minimum wage hike that could kill millions of jobs, to police reform that would make communities less safe, to Medicare-for-all that would ruin American health care—the Democrats are determined to get what they want, no matter the cost. 


They’re already trying to cram some of these initiatives into the $3 trillion spending bill, which they want to pass using a purely partisan budget process. And we’ve recently watched far-left Democrats renew calls to abolish the filibuster, while others who were once opposed to ending this important Senate tradition become increasingly open to its elimination. They’re not going to let their Republican colleagues’ legitimate concerns about policy stand in the way of their extreme agenda. 

Last but not least, the far-left want to keep Republicans from ever regaining control of Congress to undo the Democrats’ damage. Their election reform bill would replace state election laws with their favorite error-prone voting practices. And they want to make Washington, DC, a 51st state to secure three more votes in Congress. 

So there you have it. It’s only taken Biden and the Democrats a few short weeks to show us exactly what they’re up to. They want to send the country careening toward a debt crisis and total government dependency at the cost of bipartisanship and individual freedom. 

It’s shameful that Democrats are willing to sacrifice crucial democratic values for the sake of their far-left agenda. But it would be just as shameful for Republicans to sit silently on the sidelines while they do it. 


If there’s ever a time for Republicans to rally against the Democrats’ agenda, it’s now—when the Democrats have done so little to disguise their efforts to remake the country. The GOP needs to speak out loud and clear about how the Democrats are undermining America’s future and the American people’s freedom. If they do, it will help turn the tide of public opinion against the Democrats’ schemes. And as Republicans in Congress work to make sure the Democrats’ playbook never gets executed, they need all the reinforcements they can get.  

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