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Biden Administration Fails to Honor Pro-life Women

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March has been designated by the White House and others as Women’s History Month.

Because of its endorsement of a radical pro-abortion agenda, the Biden administration fails to honor the work of pro-life female leaders. Instead, Biden issued a proclamation that clearly promotes abortion. In it, he asserts that his administration is working on expanding access to health care, “including reproductive health care,” which is code for abortion-on-demand. 


However, the nation is already beginning to see a major change in abortion laws and the tragic decision of Roe v. Wade. In the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the court is expected to render a ruling that will cut the heart out of Roe and allow states to pass legislation that will save lives.

It is the work of millions of committed pro-life women that has kept the abortion issue at the forefront of the American political dialogue. Their efforts at thousands of pro-life pregnancy centers have saved the lives of millions of innocent children. Such endeavors have challenged our nation to stand against the killing of the unborn as a viable solution. There is a better way to offer hope to mothers facing unplanned pregnancies. Because of this work, communities across the land are being transformed. 

March provides the perfect opportunity to acknowledge the pioneering work of a Black, female medical professional at the top of her field. Dr. Mildred Jefferson’s commitment to protecting the weakest and most defenseless members of the human family – the unborn – was unquestionable. Sadly, her remarkable achievements remain ignored by parties like the White House and the mainstream media.

Dr. Jefferson was the first Black woman to graduate from Harvard Medical School. Afterward, she served as a pediatric surgeon in Boston until her death in 2010.  She cited the Hippocratic Oath as the foundation of her beliefs. 


During a 1976 Boston Globe interview, Dr. Jefferson said: “As a physician, I am morally bound to the preservation of life. … abortion is a process by which a pregnancy is interrupted for the purpose of preventing the birth of a living child. As far as I’m concerned, it’s killing an unborn child.”

At the end of March, NIFLA will join the pro-life movement in celebrating the Day of the Unborn Child. On this day, the world will acknowledge the sanctity of all human life with a focus on protecting the unborn. The statement above demonstrates Dr. Jefferson’s deep belief in this concept. If she were alive today, she would undoubtedly join us in this celebration. 

Dr. Jefferson’s life works further illustrate her dedication to the idea of protecting the unborn. In 1970, she became a founder of Massachusetts Citizens for Life and later helped found the National Right to Life Committee. Dr. Jefferson was elected chairman of its board in 1973, serving three terms as president from 1975 to 1978. In 1980, she co-authored the influential book “Whatever Happened to The Human Race.”

As a passionate advocate for the unborn, Dr. Jefferson brilliantly articulated her belief in the value of all human life. She inspired millions to do the same. One such person was President Ronald Reagan, who proclaimed that her influence changed his thinking on abortion.


The thousands of life-affirming agencies that exist in virtually every American community are a direct result of Dr. Jefferson’s pro-life leadership. These dedicated nonprofits provide essential support to mothers considering abortion. Resources provided by pregnancy centers include medical services such as ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy, STI testing and treatment, diapers, baby clothes, vitamins, classes and more. 

Pregnancy centers exist to provide alternatives to abortion by helping mothers chart a positive future for themselves. These agencies of mercy are staffed primarily by women and offer services to the community free of charge. They are responsible for changing the attitudes of many to support women facing unplanned pregnancies by loving both mother and child. Their efforts continue to build a culture of life in communities across the nation, which is part of Dr. Mildred Jefferson’s lasting legacy.  

Do the media pundits and White House care to acknowledge such work? Of course not. To do so would call into question their alliance with the abortion lobby and its extreme rhetoric of abortion up until birth. Instead, they recycle a tired, decades-long smear campaign developed by the abortion industry. Although their claims have long since been disproven, abortion advocates continue to advance their agenda aimed at eliminating pregnancy centers. 


Despite the efforts of the abortion industry, the lifesaving work of pro-life pregnancy centers is growing. If Roe is cut back or overturned, their work will be more vital than ever. NIFLA’s nationwide network of centers will continue to expand resources, support and life-affirming options for mothers and babies in need. 

Dr. Mildred Jefferson’s work and influence will be further honored as this happens. She will undoubtedly be smiling from above as she watches her legacy grow.

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