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Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Will Be Central To a Post-Roe America

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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The media has expressed concern that the U.S. Supreme Court may soon reverse its 1973 decision of Roe v. Wade. In the coming weeks, arguments will be heard regarding the Mississippi law that bans abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy. The debate will focus on whether Roe will withstand the compelling reasons being offered to the court for its demise.

It is uncertain if SCOTUS will take this opportunity to reverse Roe completely. However, most legal commentators are confident that SCOTUS will uphold the Mississippi law, seriously modifying Roe. States would then be free to seriously restrict and even ban abortion. A post-Roe America may be upon us. 

The invaluable resources provided by pregnancy centers will be more critical than ever in a post-Roe America. In this situation, every state will be able to set its course regarding the continuation of abortion. Some states, like Texas, may restrict and ban abortion after the very early stages of pregnancy. Others, such as Alabama, may completely ban abortion. Still others, such as California and New York, will likely expand access to abortion and allow it in the latest stages of pregnancy.

Pregnancy centers will also remain central to the ongoing battle for the sanctity of human life. The National Institute of Family and Life Advocates – with a network of more than 1,600 pro-life centers – has designated November 2021 as National Pregnancy Center Recognition Month. Beginning this year, November will be an annual celebration of the life-affirming work of America’s pro-life pregnancy centers and medical clinics.

These agencies provide vital support to mothers contemplating abortion. Medical services include pregnancy testing and ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy, as well as STI testing and treatment. Material resources include adoption services, referrals for ongoing medical and legal care, post-abortion counseling, temporary housing services and ongoing support. More than 1,300 centers are licensed medical clinics providing medical care at no charge.

The Charlotte Lozier Institute provided an extensive report on the work of these charitable organizations. Lozier found that in 2019, pregnancy centers provided over $268 million of services – saving taxpayers a large expense. Over $121 million were for ultrasound examinations, which confirmed the pregnancy and introduced expectant mothers to the life inside them. The vast majority of these women chose life.

In Mississippi – the state which developed legislation at the center of upcoming SCOTUS arguments – Charlotte Lozier estimates pregnancy centers and medical clinics provide services valued at nearly 1.9 million. Many medical professionals give selflessly of their time at pregnancy centers in this state and nationwide to support mothers, babies and families.

Centers like Liberty Women’s Clinic in Missouri embody such service. The center’s founder, Carol Graham, said her nonprofit has been supporting mothers since 2002. Graham shared that one of their patients chose life after receiving an ultrasound and continuous support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Another Liberty Women’s Clinic testimonial comes from a mother who cannot imagine life without her baby boy. She said the love and support she received from a Liberty Women’s Clinic nurse made all the difference, helping to turn a time of despair into a time of hope. 

These are just two of many recent stories NIFLA is celebrating during National Pregnancy Center Recognition Month. However, this is not the first time individuals have come forward to share their gratitude for the outstanding services provided by pro-life pregnancy centers. In the Supreme Court case of NIFLA v. Becerra, a group of women testified about how pregnancy centers gave them the support they desperately needed. Fox News and others have reported on the fact that pregnancy centers provided essential resources during times of scarcity. The overwhelming thankfulness expressed by women and families served by pregnancy centers showcases the best of America’s charitable work. 

In a post-Roe America, the support provided by these nonprofits will not only continue but grow to serve more women who will choose life instead of abortion. Pro-life pregnancy centers are creating a culture of life within our nation. In this culture, every life, born and unborn, is cared for and supported regardless of difficult circumstances. These centers are bringing their communities together in support of life.

What a welcome change for a nation that currently aborts around 800,000 unborn children every year, leaving in its wake broken lives and hearts. Achieving an abortion-free America by building a culture of life is possible thanks to the work of pro-life pregnancy centers nationwide.

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