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Does Biden Want to Destroy America?

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President Biden said he would bring America back. No, the Taliban is back. In little more than seven months, he seems to be doing everything he can to bring America down.


A guest on Dan Bongino’s radio show asked a question that demands an answer—If Biden wanted to destroy this country, would he do anything differently than what he has been doing? By looking at some of his policies and decisions in his first seven months, it could be argued that President Biden and his administration seem committed to destroying America as a beacon of freedom, law and order, and opportunity! The list of evidence keeps growing:

If you want to destroy America, open our Southern border to all who want to come in.Instead of continuing the work of his predecessor to secure our Southern border, Biden has opened America to unprecedented numbers of illegal aliens, M13 gang members, drug dealers, and potential terrorists from around the world. Even illegal immigrants with COVID have been welcomed and transported to states throughout the country at American taxpayer expense. Thankfully, a U.S. Supreme Court ruling has revived Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” policy, but implementation requires Mexico’s cooperation and that’s far from sure.

If you want to destroy America, do everything you can to end our energy independence.While giving his stamp of approval to Russia’s oil pipeline to Europe,President Biden has sabotaged President Trump’s progress in securing energy independence, He has halted construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline, closed drilling on federal lands, and is working to revive our support for the Paris Climate Accord that promises to dampen our country’s economic growth for years to come. He has called for electric cars without adequate plans to establish charging stations that can sustain the mass use of such vehicles.


If you want to destroy America, stoke the fires of racial hatred in an already divided country.President Biden has legitimized and supported the teaching of critical race theory and white privilege. Instead of unifying our country, he’s fueling a new racism that sees every white citizen as a privileged racist. We need another Martin Luther King Jr., not a Black Lives Matter movement that feeds racial hatred, demands reparations, encourages racial segregation, and fuels racial mistrust. The progress America has made in civil rights is in danger of being reversed while fracturing our country across racial lines.

If you want to destroy America, allow crime on the streets to go unpunished.President Biden and his Democratic colleagues continue to rail about Trump’s supposed January 6th ‘insurrection” even when the FBI has found no evidence supporting such allegations of a planned breach. At the same time, he remains silent about the real “insurrection” on the streets of many of our major cities. Democratic district attorneys are failing to prosecute low level looting, destructive rioting, and even arson. When you do not hold criminals responsible and set them free, crime is rewarded. Even worse, President Biden wants to take guns away from responsible citizens while not protecting citizens from crime on the streets.


If you want to destroy America, keep calling for lockdowns and strict mask guidelines. Under the guise of protecting Americans from COVID-19, President Biden has defended economic lockdowns, unproven mask requirements, and restrictive requirements that have closed many small businesses forever and cost Americans jobs. What’s worse is some Democratic leaders don’t even consistently follow the very requirements they institute. Such hypocrisy undermines respect for leaders and the laws they create.

If you want to destroy America, allow congress to pass reckless deficit spending creating government dependence and rampant Inflation. President Biden is supporting drastic increases in government spending. Inflation rate has already increased to 5%, hitting the citizens who are already struggling to make ends meet. No wonder they are demanding more support from government and limits on evictions. There are jobs available, but the costs for housing, food, and gas for their cars is going up beyond what they can afford with the jobs available. Biden is doing all he can to make socialism appear the only answer possible.

If you want to destroy America, establish the federal control of elections.At a time trust in our elections is at an all-time low, President Biden has fully supported the federal takeover of our elections from the states. Biden’s supported “reforms” literally outlaw states from requiring verification of citizenship. By expanding the times and ways you can vote without increasing necessary controls will just ensure further opportunities for cheating and creating more distrust in our elections. 


If you want to destroy America, project military weakness and failed leadership in times of crisis.President Biden’s poorly planned military withdrawal from Afghanistan has resulted in unnecessary deaths of our soldiers, citizens, and Afghan allies. By going it alone, he earned the criticism and condemnation of some of our best allies. By failing to expedite withdrawals before initiating the military departure, many have been left stranded at the mercy of Taliban rule. His failure to get critical military systems and equipment out has equipped potential enemies. The strengthened Taliban rule has once again provided a haven for and emboldened terrorists eager to attack America. The death of 13 American soldiers by two ISIS suicide bombers is but a foretaste of terrorist attacks to come.

In short, those of you who voted for President Biden, this is all on you. Yes, you may not have liked President Trump’s brash attacks and egotistical tweets. But by voting for Joe Biden, you took down a President who projected no-nonsense strength and resolve in making America strong. He unleashed the economy to record levels curtailed only by the pandemic. He was quick to free big pharma to produce vaccines to counter the COVID threat. Instead of begging for oil, he created energy independence. He lowered taxes on all Americans and small businesses. You traded an amazing future for weak leadership, uncertainty, and growing chaos for our country and our world. New elections cannot come soon enough to stop the downward American spiral Biden’s presidency has unleashed. 


Terry Paulson is  PhD psychologist, author, and professional speaker on Earned Optimism, Making Change Work, Claiming Your American Dream, and Becoming a Conservative Values Voter. Contact him to speak before your group at

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