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For over four years, the left has fueled its media headlines and party donations on hatred for President Trump, but now Trump is gone. Who is the enemy who can take his place and keep Americans from asking uncomfortable questions about Biden’s race to socialism? The answer is unsettling—the enemy is YOU, the 74 million dangerous “extremists” who voted for the “evil” Donald Trump.


To ensure media cover from close scrutiny during the first one-hundred days of the Biden administration, they’ve embraced a second impeachment attempt after President Trump has already left office. They don’t care that it will go nowhere. The questionable constitutionality of attempting to remove a president who already removed himself doesn’t stop them. They know that a contentious senate trial will please the angry “Hate Trump” left. It will keep the headlines on Trump and the “pending insurrection” by his supporters instead of exploring the danger of the myriad of Biden initiatives.

The fences around the Capitol and the thousands of National Guard troops positioned to protect the Capitol from Trump supporters are designed to legitimize the fear. There have been no attacks. The biggest challenge has turned out to be how to house and take care of all the troops. Boredom is, well, boring, especially when you have been called away from your home and your job to do nothing in a battle with a non-existent threat.

With no new attacks on the Washington mall, the left has focused on a different battleground—social media. They claim that the conservative “insurrectionists” are using social media platforms to spread their “hate.” The “haters” have the audacity to openly criticize President Biden’s legitimacy and his extreme leftist executive orders that promise to destroy the America they love. They’re accused of spreading “disinformation” and entertaining calls for “revolution.” These so-called “dangerous extremists” still actually believe that fraud was involved in the November election. They openly criticize the supposedly “unifying” actions of President Joe Biden. They’re angry, and they promise to create political, not armed, resistance. Since Democrats label Trump supporters as “clearly dangerous,” their free speech must obviously be silenced.


The plan is all too clear! Keep former President Donald Trump and key conservative thought leaders off Twitter and Facebook. Demonize all who disagree with Biden as extremists or supporters of QAnon, Nazism, and the KKK. Of course, such extremists deserve to be silenced, reprogramed, disarmed, shamed, and kept away from Washington. Keep the fences up; pretend the attacks are sure to come.

The left points to the increase in gun sales as a sign of a pending insurrection and the need for gun control legislation, but there is an alternative explanation. People are buying guns because they have seen how Democrat-controlled cities fail to protect citizens in the face of leftist riots and looting. They fear that the leftist riots and looting will once again take control of the streets in their cities. They are ready to protect themselves because Democrats clearly won’t.

The left ought to know by now that the Republican Trump supporters they fear have no time for “insurrection.” As always, conservatives are workers and achievers. They’re busy doing what they can to adjust their businesses and their tax obligations to survive Biden’s lunge to the left. They’re used to left-leaning politicians doing crazy things, and they’re creatively working to survive in spite of all the changes. While Democrats run to Washington with their hands out for their promised entitlements, conservatives get busy playing a poor hand well and trying to succeed without them!

President Biden doesn’t want to be blamed for the continuing economic malaise, so he’s setting low expectations, suggesting that the economy may take a decade to bounce back from the COVID pandemic. If he gets his way on taxes, it may take as long as he remains in office! He wants to tax the wealthy, but the wealthiest Americans don’t make an “income” to be taxed. They work their wealth and tax loopholes to make more wealth. Biden’s tax increases will cost the small business owners who create the vast majority of new jobs and generate needed economic growth. When they suffer, jobs disappear. Who are impacted most? The most disadvantaged. No wonder it will take a decade to recover.


Of course, government employees and unions are happy. Their man is in THE OFFICE. To Democrats, the deep state is not the problem; it is the tool Biden needs to drive his desired transformation. Government employees haven’t lost a dime from their salaries during the pandemic. Even those furloughed for a time will get their full salary owed them. It was government that used the COVID pandemic to close down those “non-essential” businesses—those businesses owned by the pesky “extremists” who voted for Trump. Let them eat cake…if they can afford cake!

So, if you are one of the 74 million Trump voters, expect to be called every name in the left’s play book, to have higher taxes and more regulations, and to experience indigestion every time Biden speaks about “unity” and just getting along. Let them have their unnecessary Capitol fences. Trust that the Democrats who are so focused on blaming and attacking us will find out that such abuse of power is unbecoming, unethical, and costly long-term. Such heavy-handed actions just motivate those attacked to look forward to the next opportunity to vote the scoundrels out.

For now, do as you always do as conservatives. Take care of your families, your businesses, and your faith. In less than two years, you’ll be able to fill out your report card for the Biden team during the mid-term elections. We can’t wait!

Terry Paulson is a Ph.D. psychologist, author, and professional speaker on Earned Optimism, Making Change Work, Claiming Your American Dream, and Becoming a Conservative Values Voter. Contact him to speak before your group at terry@terrypaulson.com.



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