Keeping Hope Alive

Posted: Aug 24, 2020 12:01 AM
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Keeping Hope Alive

Source: AP Photo/David Goldman

John Gardner's classic admonition rings true, "The first and last task of a leader is to keep hope alive." From the president on down, strong leaders are beginning to do just that. This is America, known for its optimism and can-do spirit. Citizens are tired of the limits and the lockdown. They're watching countries like Sweden, where there was never a lockdown, do well. They want to get back into life. They want America to be America again.

Portland, Seattle, and Chicago are still facing some form of civil unrest. The media can still find all the footage of rioting and despair they need to fill their 24/7 news cycle with bad news. But fewer and fewer Americans are even watching. Tourists are staying away from these cities. Workers are refusing to come to town, preferring to work from home.

They are investing in getting back into life. Thankfully, there is enough good news to help them keep hope alive.

President Trump is pointing to the progress in coronavirus treatments and the multiple vaccines that are in third stage trials. The infection numbers are coming down, and the COVID-19 death rate is trending lower. The pandemic still requires citizens to follow protocols in public, but the future is looking increasingly positive.

Depending upon the area, schools are opening, experimenting with variations in online and in-person learning. Clearly the goal is to return to school as soon as possible. It's not where we want it, but parents, teachers and administrators are working to find a path to return.

Capitalizing on lessons learned from cities that did not control rioters, other cities have learned to intervene quickly to put down rioters and looters from getting a foothold.

They have put to rest the myth that Americans want to defund the police. Marches to defund are giving way to rallies of support. Polls clearly indicate over 80 percent want more police, not less. Law and order are essential. When people do not feel safe on the streets, they look to law enforcement for protection.

Americans are allowed to go to demonstrations, but church attendance in many states is still not allowed or is extremely limited. But more and more Americans are returning to their churches whether the government likes it or not. Faith supports core American Values. Faith matters. Faith inspires. Americans are going back to the communities of faith that support them.

People, faith, and core American principles will prevail in seeing us through this tough time. Americans know that black lives, brown lives, and all lives matter. But it's time to stop the endless apology tour for past racism and get busy working to continue improving the future for all races in this country. What do Americans want now? They want law and order and an economic recovery. Such a focus raises all boats and all races. All Americans deserve the right to pursue opportunity, and that takes safe streets and free-enterprise economy.

As America faces a national pandemic, an economic lockdown that has us teetering on the cliff of an economic meltdown, social unrest, and a divisive election, this is no time to experiment with dramatic changes in untested election procedures. If a given state has established procedures and experience in mass ballot mailings, let them continue. But trying to initiate such a change in procedure where it has not been used is insanity. If you want to ensure that people feel better about voting, expand the number of polling places for people to safely vote. Even Dr. Fauci confirms that 'there's no reason' in-person voting shouldn't be safe with masks and proper social distancing.

Just as America has made it through pandemics, wars, good and bad presidents, moves to the left, and moves to the right, it will prevail for years to come. We will survive and continue to thrive because it's the people who make this country great. In the beginning, strong, freedom-loving individuals were tired of over-controlling government that wanted to control and tax them without adequate representation. They wanted the freedom to make their own future in a new land without having to worry about government interference. This November, Americans will vote for President Donald Trump to keep America America. They will reject democratic socialism and the entitlements Joe Biden has promised.