Newt and Donald Really!

Posted: Jul 12, 2016 9:00 AM
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I admit to procrastinating about writing this article. It has been really difficult to accept that Donald J. Trump is going to be the GOP candidate for President. At this point, I believe only an act of God will spare us from Trump and Clinton. Trump has been totally granted an affluenza political defense by too many people, some of them even intelligent. People who voted for him and support him believe his wealth and business success make everything else about him irrelevant. They also believe that because he wasn’t a politician before absolutely nothing in his past matters or anything he says matters. Mostly with ears and minds closed people follow him, vote for him, and will help him become the next leader of the free world. As a loyal supporter of Ted Cruz, I will find it extremely difficult to vote for Trump, but I believe he will win. Nothing is normal about this presidential election or the times we currently live in.

Several months ago, Rush threw out Trump as the nominee with my brother Newt as his VP. I found it quite comical and e-mailed Newt thinking he would have a good laugh. Imagine my surprise when instead he asked what the listeners though of the idea. I was stunned for a bit, but then it all made sense.  Newt probably suspected that Donald could be committed to a mental institution and then Newt would ultimately become President. As the primary advanced, it became clear that Newt favored Trump’s candidacy. He is a much better political visionary than I am. Newt told me that being a conservative would not matter this year and sadly he was right. He also spoke highly of Donald Trump’s intelligence and capability. I am still waiting to see those qualities in the GOP presumed nominee.

If Trump is as intelligent as Newt claims, he will select the best person to run with him, Newt. Due to his experience, knowledge, leadership, communication skills, and intelligence, Newt is qualified to serve in the Cabinet. My favorite role for him would be Press Secretary. I would enjoy it for the entertainment value not seen since Secretary Rumsfeld’s press conferences. But, Trump needs him most as VP because Newt provides the gravitas necessary for the neophyte politician. Just as Dick Cheney was credited for providing it to W, Newt offers a certain degreeof comfort to voters wary of the future with a President Trump. As someone not totally sure of Trump’s temperament, I would trust Newt to also provide stability which Trump may or may not need.

After the massacre in Orlando, I formally left Never Trump. I love my country more than I distain Donald Trump. The election of Hillary Clinton will put the lives of more innocent American citizens at risk. She will also continue the damage to our Constitution started by our first un-American President. With another dishonest, liberal democrat led country, and even more so with a possible democrat led Congress, our country may never recover.  The Constitution with its legal provisions can rid us of Trump if necessary-the same can’t be said of Hillary as president.

If Trump is the GOP nominee, I will vote for him. I will hope to see the intelligent side of the man Newt has grown to like and respect. For now, when he is elected, I will think of President Trump as a place saver until a real constitutional conservative like Ted Cruz is elected.