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Americans Who Weren't Aborted Increasingly Oppose Abortion

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An undeniable tectonic shift toward the pro-life position has been evident for some time in this country. As a result, Planned Parenthood, America’s biggest abortionist, has suffered a PR problem among young and old alike, many of whom continually find themselves less and less crazy about the idea of killing children for convenience.

It seems safe to say that this shift has only been exasperated by the way the Obama administration and the president’s campaign have treated women, especially the wives of political opponents (like Ann Romney), and the arrogance with which they pushed legislation like ObamaCare and its anti-conscience mandates on the American people. As women respond unfavorably to these attacks, Planned Parenthood suffers with the president because of the close association between Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards and the Obama administration.

Planned Parenthood now finds itself in a situation where it can’t afford any more bad press, as witnessed by the quickness with which they fired an employee recently caught on film suggesting abortion is a tool for sex-selection.

The Gallup poll released last week certainly doesn’t offer any encouragement to the abortion mammoth. According to that poll, 50 percent of the Americans polled identified themselves as pro-life while only 41 percent identified themselves as pro-abortion.

The numbers behind the numbers are even more troubling for Planned Parenthood, inasmuch as they show that less than a year ago, 47 percent of Americans identified themselves as pro-abortion. The drop from 47 to 41 percent coincides perfectly with the stepped up attacks on women by the Obama administration and its surrogates in Planned Parenthood.

Moreover, the figure of 50 percent for Americans now referring to themselves as pro-life is only one percentage point below the record high for pro-life identification among poll respondents.

Now that people are starting to revolt from the propaganda and reach of blood lusting organizations like Planned Parenthood, it’s more important than ever to shine a light on their actions and highlight things like the fact that Planned Parenthood performs an abortion every 97 seconds.

That means that in the time it took you read this column, about how people are fleeing the culture of death for the culture of life, Planned Parenthood stopped two beating hearts and an abortion is well under way to stop a third.

Is it really that difficult to see that every innocent life deserves to be protected?

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