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As the U.S. economy continues to shudder, Americans find themselves in a tight spot. 2011 was the worst year on record for home sales, unemployment claims rose markedly in the 4th quarter, and the high energy prices we have endured are set to worsen with gasoline expected to top $4 a gallon this summer. Nevertheless, money continues to come easy for those on the government dole.

For example, Planned Parenthood, which received nearly $500,000,000 in federal money last year, just plopped down $35,000,000 for a building to use for its headquarters in New York City. The 192,000 sq. ft. building contains condos as well as business space, and some of the offices in the building are rented out to other companies, making Planned Parenthood a landlord.

The death business is booming, huh?

And just in case the more than $1,000,000,000 in assets Planned Parenthood claimed after last fiscal year isn’t enough, Mayor Michael Bloomberg “provided $15,000,000 in bond funding for Planned Parenthood to renovate the building.” (You know how important it is to have the proper décor surrounding you when you’re plotting how to stop more beating hearts.)

Looks like Planned Parenthood is living it up. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that they opened a 78,000 sq. ft. abort-a-topia in Houston (and it was just this past Christmas that they threw a big Christmas party in there).

But isn’t there something a little sick—beyond sick actually—about pursuing the business of death with such aplomb?

Because facts are hard things to run from, Planned Parenthood can host all the chic parties they want in their new digs, perhaps even a Christmas party in NYC that will eclipse the one they threw in Houston. Yet when the day is done, and mothers who had abortions reel in agony over the “choice” Planned Parenthood encouraged them to make, it’s all about death. Nearly 80,000 square feet of it in Houston, almost 200,000 square feet of it in NYC, and more than one billion dollars—much of it from taxpayers—in pocket money to boot.

The death business is booming, but we’re killing ourselves to make it happen.

This means that all the big money from tax-payers and the political favors that come from mayors who support Planned Parenthood’s killing machine, carry with them the putrid smell of lifelessness. It also means that the hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space Planned Parenthood recently acquired will only stand as a stark reminder of what people without a conscience can accomplish in this life, if they really put their minds to it.

A glorious monument to an inglorious pursuit—that is what Planned Parenthood has acquired.

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