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It is very easy to assume that things can’t be all that pleasant around Camp Hillary, even on the best of days. The strain of having to pretend that she doesn’t really loathe all of the people she needs to vote for her coupled with night sweats worrying that those same people will notice she’s the worst presidential candidate since ever must keep the Prilosec flying around.


Devoted Hillary campaigners, set your ulcers to “Bleed”.

The email scandal that Republicans are filling the egg basket with hasn’t undone Her Inevitable Madameship yet, and it may never. That’s because the Clintons are very accomplished criminals. They don’t get caught, they have others get caught for them.

Republicans, scandal-weary Democrats, and people who merely dislike general ickiness are casting longing glances at Barack Obama’s two-term Vice President to move the party past the Clintons.

This was supposed to be a coronation for Hillary. A reward for having done little more in her political life than sit down and shut up like a good girl so the men (hubs and Obama) who just embarrassed her could shine. Now the sixty seven year old woman who would lead the party of youth and diversity is having her mellow harshed by two white guys in their seventies.

Yes, Hillary is experiencing flashbacks, and not just because of the concussion she suffered. In the summer of 2007, Mrs. Clinton was enjoying double-digit leads on her way to the 2008 nomination. That quickly became the political equivalent of an episode of “Botched” and she’s been building up a raging sense of entitlement ever since.

At about this same time in that cycle, the new began to turn sour, which it is again.

The Missus is not amused.

Those of us who still distinctly remember suffering through the first Clinton regime relish the thought of anyone vanquishing her. Heck, most of us would prefer Bill found a Constitutional loophole (if anyone could…) and run instead. Hillary is so awful that Republicans would prefer Obama’s legacy be validated by a Biden nomination rather than see her ascend one rung higher on the political ladder.


Maybe the Democrats feel the same way too.

The most interesting thing about this Biden story is that it’s a story at all. The media and their handlers at the DNC just spent a year building the inevitability myth around Hillary. Pretenders to the throne were largely dismissed until Bernie Sanders got Big Labor to fill a couple large venues for him. Suddenly, it wasn’t Republicans casting aspersions on her ability to waltz to the nomination, these were Democrats who weren’t getting with the program. Hillary let his rise go largely unnoticed, as she was spending long days practicing her “flummoxed grandma face” for the questions she knew she would eventually have to face about classified emails and her private server.

If you are into conspiracy theories (I never used to be, then Obama became President and now I think the government replaces my coffee with alien blood), something big is going on here. The email story that many in the press say is a Republican concoction was broken by the New York Times, not some obscure right-wing blog. There are more than a few who believe that it was the Obama administration that may have alerted the Times to the latest Clinton “appearance of impropriety”. It was the Obama Justice Department that gave the story extra legs in recent weeks.

Now, almost out of the blue, the two highest ranking elected Democrats, who also just happen to be the President and Vice President of the United States are sending out all sorts of public signals that they aren’t exactly on Team Grandma. The once carefully crafted party unity narrative (from the party that’s usually a hive mind, no less) is now being rewritten as the “Hatfield’s and McCoys”.


The Clintons and the Obamas aren’t the best of friends. Forget the story about Barack and Bubba running into each other on the golf course recently, ex-presidents are always nice to each other in public. If Hillary Clinton is elected President, it adds to the Bill Clinton presidential legacy, even though she was Obama’s Secretary of State. There is no greater (in the short term, anyway) validation for a two term president than to have his country reward his party and his legacy with a third consecutive term by sending his Vice President to the Oval Office. If Barack Obama can give Joe Biden the prize he’s been running after since 1988, he will have one enormous feather in his cap that Bill Clinton doesn’t.

Don’t doubt for a moment that he isn’t having this conversation with himself during his nightly mirror time.

At the very least, this Biden story is all over the place because Obama is encouraging it. The press dances when and where he wants it to, so it’s not difficult to believe he is behind the MSM’s abandonment of the inevitability narrative. The poor dears in the media are currently caught between disappointing their messiah and eventually incurring the wrath of one of the more vengeful politicians of all time. Cult rules win, however, and they are sticking with the messiah, but probably exploring career alternatives in Antarctica should Hillary prevail.

The key recent incident that leads me to believe Hillary is weaker than we know was Biden’s meeting with Elizabeth Warren. If he makes his move, he is going to need those Bernie Sanders people to stop being Bernie Sanders people. The only politician in America who can stop the Bern is Fauxcahontas. That one meeting seems to indicate that Biden won’t jump in unless he knows his entrance into the race will practically be the death blow to Hillary’s campaign, even if it takes some time to finish it.


There is nothing that he can offer Mrs. Bill this time to make her go away quietly though. Well, almost nothing.

He could offer her the vice-presidency.

Pleasant dreams everyone.

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