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A year ago, Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin quaked the political landscape when he became Virginia’s first Republican to win a statewide office in twelve years. Governor Youngkin ran on education issues and benefited from his opponent’s “faux pas” publicly suggesting parents should have no say in their children’s curriculum. Not only did he win his election – he delivered on his campaign promises. Youngkin issued an executive order banning critical race theory and his administration rescinded accommodations for transgender students whereby schools are prohibited from concealing information about a student from the student’s parent, including information related to gender. For some of us, it seems outrageous that this guidance is necessary, but not in today’s government schools – it is far more common than most understand for teachers to hide a child’s transitioning to a non-biological gender.


The mid-term elections paralleled and superseded the Virginia governor’s race with record support for Governor Ron DeSantis who has been outspoken and delivered on his word to put parents in charge of their children’s education. From refusing school shutdowns and masking mandates to ending Marxist critical theories and prohibiting gender identity and sexual orientation from being taught to very young children – Governor DeSantis has been right on every educational front. His popularity spilled over into other midterm races where he endorsed candidates who won resulting in 24 of the 30 candidates backed by the governor being elected. Six people supported by Governor DeSantis will soon be new school board members

There is more good news from Florida. According to the Child & Parental Rights Campaign, on Friday, November 4, 2022, “the Florida Board of Medicine voted to prohibit all puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries for minors to facilitate ‘gender transition.’” 

Founder and President of Child & Parental Rights Campaign, Vernadette Broyles is featured in U.S. Parents Involved in Education’s (USPIE) documentary film “Truth & Lies in American Education.” It is alarming to realize Mrs. Broyles’ national nonprofit organization exists with the sole mission to defend families whose children have been influenced toward and treated for gender dysphoria, often without parental knowledge or consent. In this important film, Vernadette discusses the widespread need to protect children in government schools.


Schools today are teaching children inappropriate sexual information, teaching children they are nothing more than a color or gender, recruiting children into gender dysphoria and then hiding the evidence from parents, facilitating access to medical treatment for children without parental consent, and even instructing children not to tell their parents what is happening in school. And although parents complained to administrators and at school board meetings, it seems nothing changes. What is happening in our country’s government schools is abominable. It is tantamount to child abuse and this agenda to destroy American children so that they can be manipulated and controlled must end.  

While the rest of the country focused on congressional and gubernatorial races for the midterm elections, school boards around the country saw incumbents unseated by parents and others motivated to stop the sexuality and race agendas that permeate American classrooms. The same platform was seen in the successful governors’ races around the country – even in blue states.

Candidates who recognize and boldly stand against the indoctrination of American children are winning elections in unprecedented numbers. The surge is so strong in some states that it defies all boundaries including voter integrity issues. 

Parents and freedom-loving Americans are standing up and fighting against the evil that has consumed American education. The election results have proven we are a force to be reckoned with.


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