Enemies Foreign, Domestic, At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Posted: Jun 02, 2014 12:01 AM
Enemies Foreign, Domestic, At 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Please enjoy these blasts from my Facebook. They annoyed a lot of liberals.

Separation of powers, limited central government, protected property and liberties. Best success formula in the history of the known universe.

Anyone who opposes it is an enemy...foreign, domestic, or domiciled at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Maya Angelou loved guns and her right to bear them. Smoke that, Lefties.

As the tempest rose, Colorado Senator Mark Udall in a tight race to save his seat, called upon VA Secretary Shinseiki to resign a number of hours before he finally did.

What a courageous stud that Udall is.

Is it peevish to cringe when people can't or don't distinguish between Veterans Day appreciation and Memorial Day reverence?

It's Memorial Day, friends, to honor those who paid the last full measure of devotion on our behalf.

At a high school event. Sign of aging: Moms are cuter than their daughters.

Liberals, you own this disaster. A failure in every respect. He can't grow jobs. He tramples civil liberties. He alienates every nation that would be our ally. He butt kisses every nation that would do us harm.

His ideas are not historically American.

First they came for the lemonade stands...

No, Mitt! Down, Jeb! Out, Chris! Sorry, Old Dogs. In these rougher, tougher times, skills, confidence and being pampered by the Dog Show crowd aren't enough to get you the ribbon or the bone.

You also have to show the spirit and vision of Constitutional limited government that captures the enthusiasm of your base (you're all disqualified) and the zeal and instinct to apply a nice bite to posteriors that deserve it. (Chris would earn a biscuit here, but that Bridge thing was a hydrant over the line).

Members of our party have between now and 2016 to find a reformer with vision and appealing instincts, as well as grown up skills. Walker? Cruz? Paul? Someone else?

But the tired kennel hounds that can't figure out why we're mad as hell, and express it equally well in stump poetry or in Constitutional principles is not the candidate we're looking for. Move along.

Besides the unsustainable cost, we need to find alternatives to the 4--year residential bachelors degree. The more people who can enter adulthood and gainful employment without passing through the Orwellian indoctrinating rituals of the Leftiest institution in American culture, the better.

Not to mention all the borrowed tuition and fees that won't fund the Leftist machinery while it mortgages another soul's future.

Obamacare is the VA writ large.

How do you like your state compassion, Americans?

Driving teen son dude and friend dude to work, training for Lifeguard duty at a water park.
"Dude, did you hear? Seattle made minimum wage $15 an hour!"
"No way, dude!"
"Yeah, dude! First place to do it."
"Ha! Dude. Fast food will have so many of those computer order machines!"
"Yeah, dude. Teens are screwed!"

"Yeah, dude. Heh heh heh heheh."
Why are these dudes smarter than politician dudes?

The sickness of our age is this: there were Republicans who called out Nixon and helped take him down. There are no Democrats who will challenge Obama. Party uber alles. Even for one who means to destroy the structure of the Constitution.

What difference does it make?

Well, if Benghazi was important enough to President Obama and Secretary Clinton to lie about it, then it's important enough for Americans to know the truth about it.


I have the urge to over-consume. Please, government, for the good of society, come stop me.

Few recurring experiences are as frustrating as waiting to turn right behind a car entering a long merge lane, who nevertheless waits at a dead stop until all traffic in the through lanes passes and the road is empty. It makes me question the 8th Amendment to the Constitution.

The irony of the disingenuous frenzy over the "botched" lethal injection execution of a brutal killer, is that we've actually had quick and painless methods for centuries. But liberals’ aversion to blood or violence has made them illegal. So we have to rely on an EMT finding a druggie's vein. Maybe we should call execution mandated pre-terminal healthcare.

Age of farce.

The Left says capitalism is evil and government is righteous. But wait. Please explain. $500 calculators become $7 calculators in a few years, and $1,000 cellphones the size of a brick became $100 cellphones the size of a candy bar in a few years.

Meanwhile, the real cost of roads, education, indeed, everything government does, has practically doubled over recent decades.

Some liberals got some 'splainin' to do.