Why isn’t Obama Resigning in Disgrace? And Other Quick Takes on the Scene

Posted: Feb 17, 2014 12:01 AM

Please enjoy these Facebook musings. They have annoyed a lot of liberals.

Part of the bitterness of our politics? Conservatives are sick of liberals and their media smugly asserting that liberals are better, kinder, more generous, and more caring than are conservatives.

No. Check the numbers. Conservatives live it. Liberals lobby for government to mandate it.

Did it cover more people than it booted from coverage?

Did it lower Americans' health insurance costs?
Did it protect our satisfied choices about plans and doctors?
Did it make a dent in the number of uninsured?
Did it keep its promises?
Will its namesake resign in disgrace?
Will any national Big Hair or Big Pen ask these questions?

In the early 80s, all three networks viciously mocked Nancy Reagan for obtaining private donations for new china for the White House for state dinners--china that became the property of the United States.

In this decade, only fringe web sites even reveal that Michelle Obama schmoozed a $12,000 gown for herself from a snob designer.

No bias. Nope.

Crisis in Venezuela. Citizens are democratically revolting against atrociously failing Strongman Socialism. What will Obama do?

No question what he'll do.

When Zelaya tried to install himself as Castro-for-Life in Honduras, and was bravely opposed by the united Honduran Congress, Honduran Supreme Court, and Honduran military, Obama bizarrely sided with the wannabe Castro.

When Iranian students protested and rebelled against the Mullahs’ theocratic dictatorship, Obama stood by the tyrants.

When Obama helped push Mubarak out and the Muslim Brotherhood in in Egypt, and the MB destroyed freedoms and democratic opposition, and millions revolted in the streets and the Egyptian military went with public opinion against the Islamofacsist dictators, Obama sided with the tyrants against the opposition.

What will Obama do in Venezuela? He won’t lift a finger for democratic opposition. He’ll pull for the survival of an oppressive, socialist regime. He’ll look the other way if Cuba intervenes.

He hates or fears the idea of humans freed from controlling, authoritarian government.

Watching these Olympics, I realized I'm not a fan of beauty sports, where an instant's lapse or bobble can nullify years of sacrifice and training. I prefer traditional athletics where you can and will make mistakes and still battle for the victory.

Think I've decided (thanks to intrusive commercials) that Kerri Strug's gimp vault is one of the greatest athletic feats ever. How do you stick a landing on one foot? It's incomprehensible if you think about it. A two foot stick on an Olympic vault is world class. Coming down on one foot, all your balance would be off, while the kinetic forces are enormous.

I can't fathom how she did it. I'd like to shake her hand some day.

Why do the sophisticates who insist America is not exceptional or special also sneer at anyone who points out that following the policy mistakes of Greece, France, or Venezuela will produce Greek insolvency, French "youth" riots, and Venezuelan chaos?

Do they think America is exceptionally and specially immune from the consequences of bad policy?

Which is it? Is America exceptional or not?

Have you ever messed up in traffic and then followed a car for blocks to make eye contact and mouth "sorry"?

If you relied on national media for your news, you wouldn't know that the Obama administration proposed a program to monitor and interrogate TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers about their coverage and content.

You wouldn't know that after an editorial in the WSJ by a whistle-blowing commissioner of the FCC, the administration is backing off. Or maybe they aren’t. Reports differ.

But you might never hear any of it. Maybe I'm wrong about the media. Maybe they aren't pimps, whores, and presstitutes. Maybe they are beaten, whipped, Stockholm cases quivering in the corner.

The hotter it gets, the more it proves WARMING.
The colder it gets, the more it proves WARMING.
The louder any of us point out the discrepancies,
the more it proves DENIAL.

How do they get away with such drivel and insanity? Because a media of dunces is in love with their drama and in hate with their skeptics.

I am the law. I'll enforce what I want. I'll ignore what I want. If Congress won't enact what I want, I'll order what I want. My pen is big.

People who think I'm lawless and just making it up as I go are scared, bitterly clinging Tea Baggers, afraid because the world is changing and demographics are on my side. Besides, the media will never challenge me on any of this. They suck my toes day after day after day.

I'll do what the heck I want. Nothing any of you pukey flag wavers can do about it. Nixon was a chump.

Venezuela is igniting before our eyes. Meanwhile, sophisticated Americans sneer viciously at hokey Americans who point out our jefe is pushing as hard in the same direction as constitutional and cultural restraints allow.

Any restraint is because he's blocked, not because he's moderate.

I want to write about something besides this anti-constitutional goon. But every day is a new blow.

Get this: No matter what the law says, he just made up that lots of employers won't have to provide insurance until 2016. Okay, lawless, but a relief for many. But now we learn he made this up, too: to fall under the 100 employee threshold of the invented delay, businesses have to swear under penalty of perjury that their employment level has nothing to do with opposing or trying to avoid Obamacare obligations.

Who does this dictator think he is? He is just making up jazz left and right. I loathe this usurper. I despise the national media that will not honestly swarm over his anti-constitutional misadventures.

"That’s the good about being president. I can do whatever I want."

America is becoming lost.
Why do I seem a little exercised day by day? Because we live in a world where if Obama captained the Titanic, and the string quartet were journalists, they wouldn't play Nearer My God to Thee. They would play For He's a Jolly Good Fellow. Hard to keep your balance on this tilting deck.

The major media’s indifference to the Obama Administration’s abuse of citizens is an American crisis. “Scandal” arises only when the media pursues a story with enough energy to arouse public awareness and concern, and to create pressure for accountability by the government.

It is beyond dispute that the IRS and other federal agencies selectively targeted and abused critics of this administration. The major networks can barely conceal their indifference and desire to change the subject. This is very dangerous. Without an aggressive, adversarial media, it is easy for the government to get away with tyranny, and it will.

We are watching it happen before our eyes. It is accelerating. The old MSM does not give one damn, so most the public is blasé or oblivious. And America as a land of law with “liberty and justice for all” is dying before our eyes. She will be hard to resuscitate.

I am not comparing political oppression and prosecution to genocide and concentration camps. I am comparing (quite unfavorably) the lack of courage of liberals to oppose their out-of-control leader, to the enduring question: why did Germans let Hitler get away with it?

Every liberal who looks away when she hears Obama is persecuting his critics is a civic coward.

Every liberal who clicks to a different article when confronted with evidence the IRS targeted conservatives is an enabler.

Every liberal who uncomfortably changes the subject when asked if federal agencies should raid critics of this administration is a collaborator.

Every liberal who doesn't want to ask, doesn't want to know, answers the question: How did Hitler get away with it?

And the pathetic thing is, Germans in 1938 would have been tortured and killed for challenging their Fuhrer. Liberals today would just risk some alienation from their progressive friends.

You cowards won't even do that.