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Conservatives dislike big government. Liberals dislike big business.
Let's find common ground.
When big business gets in bed with big government, the baby is ugly.

Gun violence is down over time. Mass shootings are down over time. But the authoritarian mindset cannot let bloodshed go to waste. They will come after your rights at any opportunity, and this is an opportunity.

It's up to us whether the freedom grab stands or drives a reaction and change.

If Puritanism is the fear that someone, somewhere might be having fun, then liberalism is the fear that someone, somewhere might be excelling beyond the herd.

Ah, Progressive noise machine, friends and country men, how do you sleep or abide a mirror?
Enraged, you took to the street to vent your righteous wrath atBush wiretaps and surveillance.

Quiet and sheepish now, head down, you join no protest at the incumbent's brazen claim of discretion to blow you to bits.

Your soul, your soul, where did it go?

Well, I could never vote for Marco Rubio. He has to drink water!
...I want to respect the intelligence of liberals, but sometimes they make it very difficult.

If you think government should be a quarterback, steering people and resources toward "good" opportunities, and deflecting them from "bad" choices, you are a progressive statist, whether left or right.

If you think government should be a sheriff, who takes a dim view of folks harming, cheating, or forcing their neighbor, you are a limited government defender of liberty.

We now enter the Keynesian depression. Lavish deficit spending, favors poured down on crony-selected beneficiaries, heavy regulation of production...DOES NOT WORK.

It delayed recovery from the Great Depression by a decade. Gaia only knows how long it will hold us in the doldrums today. Will Americans double down on stupid and duplicate the Argentine/Venezuelan disasters of socialist populism till hunger strikes?

Or will they remember who they are and experience a Reaganite renaissance occasioned by a lighter government footprint? Time will tell.

Sometimes ya just have to commit a Kinsleyan gaffe and blurt out the truth. The left, including the media, loves Obama because he touches their liberal erogenous zones.

It doesn't matter that everything about the real world is worse--debt crushing, jobs plummeting, consumer confidence tanking, budget bleeding, world growing more dangerous, American stature deflated, friends untrusting, enemies assertive..

He's a symbol of their fantasies. Nothing else matters, reality be stuffed.

Wait...maybe we're getting it all wrong.

Canines roll over and expose their belly for the alpha in their pack, right? Does the alpha ever give them a tummy rub? So, maybe every time Samson (or Fido or Sparky) rolls over, they're just saying: "You da boss! I love you man!"

And what ensues is the poor dog thinking: "Why do they always have to tickle my stomach? I showed proper respect, didn’t I? They're so mean!"

Current federal spending levels are 20% higher than they were in 2008. Did we have air traffic control in 2008, Mr. President?

Why are you threatening the safety of Americans to get your tax increases?

Shame on you, media, for rolling over like dogs for his grab.

If humanity is too flawed to be trusted with general liberty, then who are the humans who will supervise humanity? And the human voters who will supervise the human supervisors?

Brian Williams in grave tones: "The sequester could shut down control towers at our busiest airports!"

Rational citizen (me) in fed up tones: "If a 2% cut does that, it's because O is incompetent or vindictive in his zeal for endless government growth."

Is anthropology just history conducted in violation of the personal space of the dead?

Do hipsters know the Che on their chest thought gays belong in prison?

If liberals want to scrap the war on drugs as a counterproductive, liberty-sapping, government-growing failure (I'm with you guys!)...

...will they consider the war on poverty through the same lens?

Have seen a facile phrase once too often...

People...he is my president, and yours. I may disagree with most everything he does. But under our Constitutional process, a majority of electoral votes went his way.

I'm not an American only when I agree with what other Americans vote for. I'm an American by birth, by creed, by gratitude, and by determination to fight for what that means to me.

The duly elected president will be my president until I renounce my citizenship; I don't see that happening.

"Sequestration" is not a euphemism for national gelding. It means pre-agreed, (as in passed by Congress and signed by the president) cuts of federal spending, both domestic and defense.

It's a little clumsy and imprecise, but it's one heck of a lot better then NO reductions, and the continued rocket increases we'd get from our lawmakers.

So, tell the president and his media sob chorus to stuff it. Three cheers for sequestration and the only real cuts in spending we might see in our lifetime!

Did you ever notice politicians almost always praise whatever right they're about to trash? It's a classic prohibitionist head-fake:

"I support [insert: “the 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, property rights, economic liberty” whatever...] “But, in this case…” [then argue sharply against some alleged abuse, and for some further restriction of rights...]

Thus does the anti-liberty worm inch.

Do folks realize that Clinton-era prosperity happened under Clinton-size government?

The government and policies of then are drastically different from the government and policies of now. Hint: Current results are bad, very bad.

I'm giving up brushing for lint.

Guys do it all the time. But I wish Mindy McCready hadn’t. So much life to live.

Consider the possibility that federal spending on higher education has backfired. It didn't make it more affordable, but more expensive.

Billions of federal dollars flooding the field took price pressure off of universities. It made it easier to raise tuition; to expand bureaucracy; to grow and multiply programs.

It made everyone borrow more, apply for more aid, or dig deeper to survive without tax-payer help.

The price tag is much steeper. The quality didn't keep pace. We're all poorer for it.

In the 60s, liberals fought the Man.

Today, they tell the people to shut up and submit to the Man.

What's the big fuss about the asteroid strike in Russia? We'll just get the UN to pass a resolution declaring earth an asteroid free zone.

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