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The Internet is Eating our Brains.

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What kind of collective insanity prevails when you have to show a pic ID to buy spray paint or cold medicine, but not to vote to choose government officials?

Is citizenship so cheaply regarded? Stopping taggers and garage chemists is more important than the integrity of our elections?


Friends, don't spend too much time and energy fussing about proposed repeal of the 22nd Amendment, allowing presidents to serve more than two terms. There are nowhere near the required 38 states to ratify such an amendment. It's probably being floated just to make us run around with our hair on fire.

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Our next defense of liberty will need to be identifying wavering House Rs and vulnerable Ds and reminding them Americans support the right to bear arms, and the 2nd Amendment is not about hunting and sporting.

Have you heard from Old Media that Arab oil states funded Matt Damon's anti-gas drilling movie? No? But how loud would they scream if the same interests funded a conservative screed against wind power and all the birds it kills? Loud.

It's farcical, obscene, or both that the ugly fiscal deal that supposedly saved America from a catastrophic cliff plunge includes billions in goodies for the well connected, rich and powerful.

There MUST be common ground for liberals and conservatives to rise up against the privileged ruling class and stop transferring wealth to the Robber Baron Lobby.

The Internet is eating our brains. Mine anyway...yours too? Answer this:

In the morning, do you ever open 7 articles in different tabs you want to get around to reading? And when you don't quite, and leave them up, and come home later, do you then read those articles? Or do you open 4 or 5 more tabs...until your computer slows and sometimes freezes?

And when you do finally read some of your articles, do you read them straight through? Or do you sort of bounce from paragraph to tab to paragraph?

See? Brain rot. Such cerebral processes could not have built the pyramids. I think I just disproved evolution.


Whoa! Three reasonable headlines in a row from AOL-Huffpo:

"Congress Snuck Perks Into Cliff Deal?"

"NDAA Signed Into Law By Obama Despite Guantanamo Veto Threat, Indefinite Detention Provisions. Critics call it a sell out."

"Kathy Griffin Refuses to Apologize for lewd New Year's behavior on CNN."

And regarding the last, Kathy Griffin is irrelevant. She's a hired court jester. CNN, not she, is on public trial here.

Any way, WHAT GIVES?!

Every Reagan-Bush-Bush who ever took the bait learned the hard way: More taxes now for less spending later is BS. More taxes now means even MORE spending later.

Reject the cliff deal. Better to lose the right fight than win the wrong one. If the people demand ruinous policies, statesmen shouldn't lead the charge. They should leave a public record pointing a better direction, and hope for better days.

I got smooched!!! (Sorry TownHall readers. That was a Facebook post just after midnight, January 1st.

If America had real journalists, instead of licking dogs, wouldn't a few of them challenge the president on the gulf between “Raising the debt limit is unpatriotic” and “Raise my limit and shut up!” Shame. Bad dogs!

I'm thinking of giving up Lent for my New Years Resolution...or was it New Years Resolutions for Lent? Or was it just giving up?

Is it time to start the party yet?

When America had a draft, it allowed conscientious objection, even for something as critical as national defense. Why can't our modern Caesar allow conscientious objection to his contraception mandate draft?

Why does our society tolerate such absolute government? Are we free?


So after spending the last 6 years blasting Bushs tax cuts "for the rich," did Ds and the media ever pause to admit there was an awful lot of tax relief for the middle class in the Bush rates? I mean, before they started accusing Rs of failing to protect all those middle class tax cuts that were never mentioned till now...

See how slick that is?

Watching the DC Police stalk David Gregory for savagely brandishing a locally prohibited high capacity magazine on Meet the Press reminds me of Kissinger's view of the Iran-Iraq War: It's a shame they both can't lose.

Corporate CEOs aren't the only ones rationally dodging imminent tax increases. In late December, a reclusive altruist from the far north literally dumped assets all over the world before capital gains went up in January.

Day by day, inch by inch, every view and attitude that distinguishes the US from Europe is being attacked, marginalized, deemed embarrassing, and then intolerable.

Who is it that pushes so hard, stands to gain so much from, making us just like the rest of the socialist modern world?

Until Hollywood quits pumping air-brushed, sound-tracked violence into our imaginations, it can shut the heck up about decent Americans responsibly owning guns.

The Founders understood rule by majorities does not guarantee liberty; it often smothers it. So they invented systemic checks on majority passions.

In a demonstration of entropy at the scale of an entire social system, the nation spent the next two centuries forgetting the purpose of, and so dismantling, many of the delicately arranged checks.

We're going to learn what happens next. Let us pray and work for the best case: remembrance and renewal of the original genius.


Piers Morgan is an arrogant, non-American imbecile. Millions of Americans carry concealed. Do you hear reports of them "dropping" their guns and causing mayhem? Many thousands of Israeli teachers carry, as well. Are there reports of students grabbing, stumbling upon, or otherwise abusing those guns?

The liberal mind loathes arms. So, the liberal mind conjures horror stories about what happens if more responsible people carry them. But... it's a delusion. The horror doesn't materialize, from millions of American, Swiss, Israeli, or other bearers.

The denunciations make good TV, but rotten policy.

Wondering how many folks who now demand strong gun restrictions have ever cited Franklin's aphorism about trading liberty for security.

If the calamity demands we curb "abuses" of the 2nd Amendment to prevent future bloodshed, than shall we not also curb "abuses" of the 1st Amendment in the same cause?

Sensationalizing the event; magnifying the monster; saturating public consciousness with the horror; immortalizing the monstrosity; tickling the hot zones of psychotics...

How 'bout it, media? Doesn't the public good require regulation of your irresponsible behavior? To prevent more horror?

A.   The Second Amendment is not about sporting or hunting. It’s about an armed, self-reliant, self-protective citizenry.

B.   There is no such thing as “assault weapons.” It’s legal cosmetics, like prohibiting cars with racing stripes after a reckless driving pile up.


C.   Gun free zones & restrictions are as effective as banning drugs. They aren’t.

D.   Gun restrictions are effective at making law abiding citizens vulnerable and defenseless.

The O Administration: Aiming to arm drug cartels and Syrian Jihadis, and disarm Americans, since 2009.


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