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The outlandish election fraud claims made by Donald Trump and the kooky lawyers he chose to take counsel from have either been thoroughly discredited or remain unproven without evidence that might have given them even a glimpse of momentum in any court in the country. We were promised a Kraken. Remember that? Instead, we got a multi-year grift that kept Trump's legal, er, campaign coffers full at the expense of ordinary working Americans, some of whom sadly still think their $20 a month is “saving the country,” or something.


If you don’t believe me, take the word of Trump senior advisor Jason Miller, who openly admitted as much during the congressional January 6th investigation that everyone on our side conveniently ignored. Or, for that matter, former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows or even Trump himself. They know they lost, yet they still insist on griping and pretending that most of the electorate want to dwell on a past that cannot be changed instead of looking toward the future and issues that affect everyday Americans.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that shenanigans didn’t occur during the 2020 election or during every high-profile election over the past several decades. It doesn't mean Republicans shouldn’t work on shoring up election laws. Nobody is saying things were perfect, and nobody on our side is even putting it past Democrats to outright ‘steal’ the whole enchilada if they knew they could get away with it. However, far too many of our own have taken a black-pilled view of election fraud as some sort of unstoppable force that cannot possibly be overcome. This is nonsense. Even the largest fraud perpetrators - if they exist - wouldn’t be able to massage the numbers beyond a percentage or two without being completely exposed. Not only is it incumbent on the opposing party to watch for and PROVE any election-shifting fraud that occurs, but it’s also incumbent on them to win beyond the margins of assumed fraud in the key must-win places. 

In 2020, the Trump campaign utterly failed on both counts. And since no Kraken was ever found, we must assume no Kraken exists, regardless of how much time Trump spends on Truth Social bitching and moaning about it almost three years later. 


So, what happened? Was the 2020 election stolen? If so, why weren’t the perpetrators caught? I would argue that, in a way, the election was ‘stolen,’ although it was sadly done in a perfectly legal manner. In fact, the reason no widespread election fraud that would have influenced the 2020 outcome was proven is - stay with me here - because they didn't have to do any of the outlandish things Sydney Powell & Co. accused them of. 

Why? Because Donald Trump and his administration, thanks to their inept Covid response, did most of the dirty work for them by creating, funding, and allowing a situation whereby millions of ballots were mailed - in many cases, whether requested by the voter or not - into the ether; then, when they were returned, almost automatically counted with little to no oversight or scrutiny.

It's the perfect 'crime.' By creating such an atmosphere, widespread fraud wasn't just guaranteed to occur in precisely the places Democrats needed; it was guaranteed to occur with almost nobody conspiring or doing anything they believed was unlawful.

There's a reason why Democrats want as little regulation on elections as possible (while ironically wanting a great degree of regulation on everything else). They can steal them right from under our noses, and we can't do a thing. Ironically, Donald Trump himself cooked his own goose by signing the CARES Act, which distributed hundreds of millions of dollars to fund mail-in ballots across the country to stop the spread of Covid.

You send the ballots out, as many as possible, and you count them - ALL of them - when they come back. It's that simple, and it's untraceable. It's the perfect plan, and it worked. All thanks to Donald Trump.


Here's a concept: Put up or shut up. They never 'put up,' so they - and Trump - should 'shut up' and stop the incessant whining. Screw the excuses. Focus on your legal defense and give someone else a shot. I love all the Twitter/X warriors who insist that Trump 'won' in 2020. Call me crazy, but I like candidates who actually, you know, take office and govern after 'winning' an election. Losing and whining about it do me zero good. From my perspective, Joe Biden is in office and ruining this country because ... stay with me here ... TRUMP LOST. 

And even worse, he did it to himself.

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