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Like it or not, these days politics has become a zero-sum game. In a world of gray, it’s as black and white as anything can be. Win, and in many ways, your party has power beyond the wildest dreams of the most tyrannical Roman emperor. Lose, and you’re not just irrelevant, you could be a potential target for abuses that would make a tinpot Third World dictator blush.


It wasn’t always this way. Before the past few decades, constitutional safeguards put in place by our founders meant that it didn’t make a whole lot of difference which party won the presidency. But as those safeguards have gradually eroded, so too have the freedoms citizens have enjoyed for centuries. Now, in 2022, we find ourselves just two Supreme Court justices away from the erasure of the final check and balance and Democrats being able to get away with every possible tyranny, from gun confiscation to the elimination of property rights to the end of free speech itself.

So, as we enter the stretch run to the November midterms, conservatives must fight back at the ballot box. It’s not that Republicans are going to ‘save us in any meaningful sense or even that a ‘Red Wave’ will bring the country culturally back to some sort of sanity. I know what time it is. However, keeping as many Democrats out of office as possible will at least help beat back the ever-encroaching monster for another election cycle and keep the communists from enacting the worst of their policy agenda items. It may not be much, but it’s nothing.

However, while the politics are black and white and the evil we’re fighting is as bad as we’ve seen, the politicians fighting on our side (or who are supposed to be fighting on our side) are sadly FAR from perfect. Enter Herschel Walker, the philandering ex-football star who currently - thanks to Donald Trump - finds himself the GOP nominee for one of Georgia’s U.S. Senate seats despite all that philandering and barely beating out John Fetterman in the vastly underrated ‘being able to put two coherent sentences together’ department.


Walker’s latest scandal involves the allegation that he once paid $700 for a previous girlfriend’s abortion in 2009. Now if you’re a Democrat, that would be considered responsible birth control. But when you’re supposedly a pro-life Republican, it’s not a good look, at all. Then, to make matters worse, the Senate candidate’s son, Christian Walker, publicly condemned his father last week in a series of viral tweets that contained enough dirty family laundry to put half of Raphael Warnock’s campaign opponent vetting team out of a job.

It might be easy to dismiss Christian Walker as simply a paid-off leftist family member ... at least it would be if he weren't a thoughtful, established conservative with a large social media following and a history of amazingly based tweets to prove his credentials. No, my guess is the younger Walker, who previously supported his father and even introduced him at a campaign event, is generally telling the truth here and means well.

Predictably, godless Democrats who wouldn’t know ‘family values’ from a trash can full of aborted fetuses are jumping on the morality bandwagon like it’s 1955. ‘Why, I never!’ they bleat, shocked, shocked (!!) I tell you about Walker’s less-than-stellar moral behavior. Of course, Warnock’s history of scandal - worse or at least every bit as bad as Walker’s - is conveniently ignored.


Which, ironically enough, this is exactly what I’m going to suggest Georgia conservatives do. While I don’t doubt his motives, I do question the wisdom and timing of Christian Walker’s broadside. What purpose does it serve to keep out a flawed candidate who will vote our way on major issues, thus helping far more people than he hurt in his personal life? Especially when you would be electing another flawed candidate who votes against us at every turn. If Christian and others had scruples about Herschel Walker, those should have been hashed out at the GOP primary level. Now that he’s the nominee, it’s too late.

I’ll leave you with some wise words from conservative radio host Dana Loesch, who put it this way on her podcast last week: "Does this change anything? Not a damn thing. How many times have I said four very important words? These four words: Winning. Is. A. Virtue. What I'm about to say is by no means a contradiction or a compromise of a principle. And please keep in mind that I am concerned about one thing, and one thing only at this point. I don't care if Herschel Walker paid to abort endangered baby eagles. I want control of the Senate. If The Daily Beast’s story is true, you’re telling me Walker used his money to reportedly pay some skank for an abortion, and Warnock wants to use all of our money to pay an all bunch of skanks for abortion."


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