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Charles Darwin’s Evolution Grift Is Ending

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The American Left, as a political force, relies on deception. At the macro level, the Left lies about pretty much everything. They do this because they are acutely aware that if they told the truth about their policies, very few people would support them.


But there are also smaller fibs. Call them micro-deceptions, ones that betray select issues at the edge of the Left’s radar that are irritating them at the moment. I received one such micro-deception the other day from Amazon. 

After purchasing a book from Amazon a few days earlier, (I heartily recommend the Autobiography of Josiah Henson) I received a promotional email for the 150th anniversary edition of Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species

This struck me as odd. 2022 is not 150 years after the 1859 publication of Darwin’s book. The email was selling a version printed in 2003, also not the sesquicentennial of Origin of Species

In the introduction to this “150th Anniversary Edition,” Sir Julian Huxley writes with the enthusiasm of a middle school cheerleader, “Why is Origins of Species such a great book? First of all, because it convincingly demonstrates the fact of evolution.”

Evolution is not a fact. It is a theory. Huxley knew this when he wrote his introduction so why did he lie? We’ll never know; Huxley died in 1975, the 116th anniversary of Darwin’s book. 

Retailers know that anniversary products sell and they’ve done this for many years. So why might Amazon be keen on increasing sales of this book? Perhaps they want to promote misinformation. 


The theory of evolution is falling out of favor in scientific circles. This is a very bad thing for the American Left. Darwin’s book was the greatest gift ever for secular humanists and acolytes of Karl Marx because it wrecked biblical creation. Cut the legs out from under Genesis and you take down the Bible itself and the foundation of Christianity. In short, Darwin created a whole new religion.

In fairness to Darwin, he did his best with what was known about science in the mid-19th century. His book came out at a time when germ theory wasn’t even a thing yet. Bloodletting was an everyday medical treatment. Doctors attacked Hungarian physician Ignaz Semmelweis for saying it’s a good idea to wash your hands before delivering a baby.

Into this era of scientific ignorance Darwin added his theory. Since then, we’ve seen staggering advancements in genetics and microbiology. Science has a way of debunking flawed theories and science is not Darwin’s friend. 

Many scientists won’t say how human beings came into existence, but they are drifting away from Darwin because science doesn’t support his theory that Man was created through evolution. 

Consider Man as an organism. Microbiology teaches us that the building blocks of human life are proteins. Most protein molecules are comprised of 150 to 250 different amino acids, of which there are 20.


To get a properly functioning protein chain of 150 links, these 20 different amino acids must be arranged in a precise sequence. If the sequence is off by even one link, the protein doesn’t do what it’s supposed to. One result of such an error is sickle cell anemia. 

Darwin’s theory postulates that nature precisely assembles 20 different amino acids into a usable protein chain of 150 elements. At random. Okay, how does that work?

Say your kid has one of those jewelry craft kits containing 20 compartments of different colored beads, and you’re going to help make a necklace of 150 beads, assembled in a specific pattern. Now blindfold yourself and get started. What are the odds you’ll get it right?  

Mathematics tells us the odds. They are so infinitesimally small, we need exponential notation to express them. The number of possible bead combinations is 20  x 10^150, also expressed as roughly 10 x 10^195. The odds are, functionally, zero. You have better odds of guessing how many grains of sand are on a beach. For empirical context, the odds of winning the Powerball are about 2.9 x 10^8. 

Darwin and the American Left demand we believe that nature randomly accomplishes this mathematical impossibility, not just once but over and over again. Sadly for Darwin, his theory is crushed under the weight of science and numbers.


This is why academics are leaving Darwin in search of a different answer to the question of life. Science is loath to consider anything supernatural in its explorations, but Darwin’s theory can no longer be used to attack the Bible. 

Evolution has joined the pantheon of disproved theories, like the theory of Earth being at the center of our solar system. The fallacy of evolution has crumbled so there’s a push to sell more copies of Darwin’s book before people get wise to the grift. The deception continues, but its days are numbered. 

Scott Hogenson is a political and social commentator who lives in Texas.

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