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What is feminism? If you’d ask people on the street, the most common response would be “equality”. Yet at the darkened heart of today’s faux feminism, there is no equality because it’s violently hostile to Life. You can dress it up in all the pink banners, euphemisms, and #ShoutYourAbortion tweet fests that you’d like, but the truth can’t be hashtagged over.

Without Life, there is no equality.

How many times must we go around this human value merry-go-round? You can’t diminish and destroy any part of the human family and expect humanity to rise. Fannie Lou Hamer understood this. It was why she was so “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” She fought against a society that claimed “land of the free, home of the brave” yet too few were brave enough to stand up against a system of injustice that rendered part of the human family, less than human. Hamer, an unapologetically pro-life adoptive mother,  denounced abortion as a form of genocide. She declared in a 1964 speech: “The truth is the only thing going to free us.”


By the way, Senator Cory Booker’s recent absurd defense of Planned Parenthood (bizarrely comparing pro-abortion “feminists” to the courageous WWII soldiers who gave their lives to storm and take over Normandy Beach) was historically-challenged. He mistook Hamer’s famous “sick and tired” quote as Sojourner Truth’s words. Pro-abortion politicians like Booker will contort and distort anything to justify the slaughter of millions in this country by a billion-dollar abortion industry. Pro-slavery politicians did the same to defend the institution of slavery which barbarically treated another group of humans as dispensable property.

“I have borne thirteen children, and seen most all sold off to slavery, and when I cried out with my mother's grief, none but Jesus heard me! And ain't I a woman?” These words, which were from Sojourner Truth, show the mourning of a woman whose children were forcibly ripped away from her to profit an industry. How much more tragic, today, that children are ripped apart within and from their mothers in order to profit an industry? Modern (counterfeit) feminism preaches victimhood while celebrating violence against the actual victims.

Millions of women, however, defy this broken worldview. And I am honored to work with so many who elevate human dignity by defending the weakest among us. My amazing wife, Bethany Bomberger, is a powerful example to our four children as she dedicates her life to cherishing mothers and their children. These are remarkable women, mostly ignored by #fakenews media, but those who have helped to save millions of lives over the years. There is no way to provide an exhaustive list, but I wanted to highlight a handful in these “Not You” memes.

Thank you all for fighting for human rights.

Learn more about and be inspired by these pro-life women who fight for the most basic human right: Lila Rose (President, Live Action), Obianuju Ekeocha (Founder, Culture of Life Africa), Jeanne Mancini (President, March for Life), Star Parker (Founder, Center for Urban Renewal & Education), Kristan Hawkins (President of Students for Life of America), Marjorie Dannenfelser (President, Susan B. Anthony List), Dr. Donna Harrison (President, American Association of Prolife OB-GYNs), Dr. Alveda King (Founder, Civil Rights for the Unborn). Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood, is the ‘Not You’ figure. Can’t wait for her to experience a soul-changing transformation and become the one fighting for human rights, instead of aborting them.

Thank you all for exposing violence of abortion. 

“All abortion is violence.” This declaration is from the co-founder of NARAL ProChoice America, the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson. These female prolife champions—journalists, bloggers, speakers—do the job that mainstream media refuses to do; they tell the truth. We wouldn’t know much about the abortion industry if it weren’t for: Sandra Merritt (Undercover Journalist, Center for Medical Progress), Cheryl Sullenger (Senior Vice President, Operation Rescue), Ann Scheidler, (Vice President, Prolife Action League), Katy Yoder (Journalist, Media Research Center), Michelle Malkin (Author/Journalist & Founder of, Stephanie Gray (International Speaker, Must-See Talks at Google), Jill Stanek (Nurse/Blogger/National Campaign Chair, Susan B. Anthony List), and Catherine Davis (Speaker/Co-Founder, The National Black Prolife Coalition). MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, a Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger Award, is the ‘Not You’ figure. She represents what mainstream media has devolved into—opinionists who get awarded by the nation’s largest abortion chain to shill for the billion-dollar business. May she be liberated from her own confusion and embrace the only Truth that sets us free.

Thank you all for freeing women from abortion.

Prolife women span the spectrum of backgrounds—adoptive moms, former Planned Parenthood Directors, lawyers, OB-GYNs, authors, abortion survivors, pregnancy help center  directors and more—many of them are history-makers. Get to know these prolife women who rescue others from the injustice of abortion: Dr. Fred Bush (President, Medical Institute for Sexual Health), Catherine Glenn Foster (President, Americans United for Life), Judie Brown (Founder/President, American Life League), Carol Tobias (President, National Right to Life Committee), Day Gardner (Founder/President, National Black Prolife Union), Gianna Jessen (Abortion Survivor, Inspirationalist), Abby Johnson (Founder/President, And Then There Were None), Peggy Hartshorn (Founder/President of the Board, Heartbeat International). Faux feminist icon, Gloria Steinem, is the ‘Not You’ figure. Maybe one day, instead of boasting “I had an abortion”, she’ll tell the world “I had an awakening”.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta once declared: “The greatest destroyer of love and peace in the world is abortion.” These pro-life women, from so many different walks of life, love people enough to speak the truth and invest their time, money, and hearts into the lives of the vulnerable. They, daily, endure the ridicule from the liberal news media, academia, and entertainment establishments. But many, around the globe, can thank them for their persistence, their compassion, their leadership…for even saving their lives. The courage of these leaders is inspiring and serves as a great restorer of love and peace in a world that’s been fooled into thinking the violence of abortion is equality.

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