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Victory or Doomsday

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Irreversible winds of change are sweeping across the Middle East and the long repressed Arab Street is at last awakening to the resounding call of freedom and reform.

However, the critical question yet to be answered is whether the present unrest will ultimately result in Iranian style radical Islamic theocracies replacing today’s authoritarian regimes, or, will democratically inclined, reform-driven states emerge. The former would be an absolute disaster for the West, with an Islamic Caliphate stretching its axis of evil from the Indian Ocean to the Atlantic, and the radicals gaining a stranglehold on well over half the world’s oil and the Suez Canal to boot. They would then likely extend their reach southward across much of Africa.

With huge natural resources under their control and aided by massive Chinese investment capital and technical support, the radicals would pose an intolerable threat to the economies of the free world. But far worse, with their newfound wealth they would amass a nuclear arsenal that could enable them to either bring the West to its knees by threatening Armageddon, or actually bring about Ahmadinejad’s dream of “a world without America” and “annihilating Israel.” And let us also be mindful that but a single nuclear missile, fired from a freighter off our shores and detonated some 300 miles above Kansas, could generate an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that would knock out virtually our entire electric grid system and, according to the chairman of the congressionally authorized EMP Commission, kill 70 to 90% of the entire U.S. population from starvation and disease within one year!

We must understand that the fanatical messianicly driven radical Islamic zealots, with their apocalyptic mentality, will not be deterred by the prospect of losing tens of millions of their own people in a nuclear exchange that would leave them as the unchallenged masters of the Muslim world and perhaps well beyond.

For those lost souls who would have the U.S. remain essentially a spectator to today’s history in the making, I would argue that without active American intervention and a strong effort to both influence and help shape the ongoing course of events, it’s more likely than not that the radicals will sooner or later prevail across the Middle East. And even if freedom movements in some countries initially succeed, absent extensive western technical and other assistance to help build free market economies in which businesses can blossom and job opportunities be created, it will not be long before the desperation and mass frustration arising from failed expectations leads to bloody radical Islamic takeovers.

So if a Middle Eastern Islamic Caliphate and a nuclear doomsday is to be averted, I believe we have no rational choice but to solidly align ourselves – in deeds as well as words, with the voices of freedom against brutal Arab dictators. For immediate starters this means we should provide whatever amount of military assistance is required to overthrow Qaddafi. Secondly, Arab dictators should be warned that any future violence against protesters will prompt severe U.S. military reprisals against themselves and their regimes, including sea and air blockades where possible and particularly in Iran’s case.

With WWIII already unfolding, there has never been a better time for the U.S. to try and make amends for past blunders and win hearts and minds by demonstrating that henceforth we will square our practices with our principles and no longer sacrifice the cause of freedom and reform for expediency. Our failure to do so will only serve to reinforce the moral bankruptcy of the West in the eyes of the Arabs and boost the standing of the radicals.

Tragically, our nation has lost its nerve and its will to defend freedom at a time when our enemies are setting the stage for a confrontation of epic proportions that could well mean the demise of western civilization. In this life and death struggle there can be no middle ground, no halfway measures – we must choose between a path to victory or doomsday. Accordingly, we can no longer just take our chances that newly formed governments develop as we might wish, but rather take whatever actions, including military force, that are necessary to ensure positive outcomes. And surely radical elements must be excluded from any electoral process.

This also means we’ll need a much larger U.S. military, which to minimize public opposition here at home should be mostly individually recruited from freedom loving souls around the world (not from existing foreign armies). This “International Freedom Force” of 1,000,000 or more would be commanded and supported by our own military.

None of this, of course, will happen under an incredibly naïve and isolationist American president who for all practical purposes seems committed to making the world safe for dictators and who doesn’t even believe we’re at war with radical Islam. Let us hope the Republican opposition gets its own head out of the sand and weighs in on our sorry state of affairs before it’s too late.

Wake up America, the doomsday clock is fast ticking and our very survival is at stake. Yet the whole notion of victory is nowhere in sight.

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