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The Left has spent the last five years calling Donald Trump a liar, mostly for things that either turned out to be true or else were merely a matter of opinion. I’ve yet to hear anyone point to one thing Trump said that was both a) provably false and b) a matter of real consequence.  


Meanwhile, the Left lies constantly about consequential matters. It is their modus operendi. Their raison d’etre. Their joie de vivre. And probably a few other foreign phrases, some of which may be unprintable. 

Never has the Left’s perfidious propensity been more publicly on display than during the coronavirus pandemic. Leftwing coronafascists in the legacy media and government have been lying to us non-stop about almost everything COVID for 15 months. The lies are too numerous for a short column for this, but they certainly include the following: 

From the beginning, the coronafascists exaggerated the danger of the virus. We were originally told by the World Health Organization that the fatality rate was 3.4 percent, many times higher than the flu. This understandably scared the pants off people. 

It turns out the actual case fatality rate is around one percent, or about the same as the flu. Yes, COVID appears to be more infectious than most influenza strains, so more people have died overall. But your chances of dying, if you get it, are no worse than for the flu—unless you’re elderly or obese. Healthy young people actually appear to be at lower risk from COVID than from the flu.  

So was that actually a lie, or just a mistake? Admittedly, in March 2020, there was much we didn’t know. However, the WHO made such a fundamental error, it’s hard to believe it wasn’t intentional. To calculate the fatality rate for flu, scientists factor in assumed cases. With COVID, the WHO counted only diagnosed cases. As The Gateway Pundit reported more than a year ago, if you do the same for the flu, you get a mortality rate of about 10 percent.  


Still, hundreds of thousands have died in this country. Surely we can’t ignore that, right? True, lots of people have died during the pandemic—but we don’t know how many. We probably never will, due to the way COVID deaths have been reported. The numbers on the CDC website are at best exaggerated and at worst completely fraudulent.  

One thing we do know, because the CDC admitted as much back in August, is that only about six percent of reported COVID deaths are due solely to the virus. The other 94 percent have an average of 2.6 “co-morbidities”—that is, other conditions that could have caused their deaths. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the agency has for months been counting deaths that had nothing to do with the virus, including thousands of “intentional and unintentional injuries.”  

Somewhere between those two extremes—those who died solely of COVID and those who clearly died for other reasons—lies the truth. Sure, many who contracted the disease while suffering from “co-morbidities” might well have lived several more years. But how many? Forget “of” or “with.” How many died BECAUSE of COVID? We will never know. 

What we do know is the that the published number is false. Even Dr. Deborah Birx, herself no great truthteller, acknowledged last spring that it could be exaggerated by as much as 25 per cent. In plain English, it’s a lie. 


The coronafascists have also been lying to us about masks. I’m not going to (once again) go into all the evidence that masks don’t work; Townhall readers know all that. (But just in case, here’s a brand-new study from Dr. Emily Oster and her team at Brown University.) To demonstrate the dishonesty of the coronafascists, we don’t even have to go there. We need only observe the flip-floppery of their chief spokesperson, Dr. Anthony Fauci.  

At the beginning of the pandemic, Fauci (among others) told us we didn’t need to wear masks because they were ineffective against respiratory viruses. That, as it turned out, was the truth, based on decades of high-level scientific research. But a couple months later, he was all onboard with masking. Why the change? 

According to Fauci, he originally discouraged us from wearing masks because he didn’t want us peons buying them all up. He said they should be reserved for health care workers. In essence, by his own admission, Fauci hid the truth. Assuming he finally came clean, how cynical and elitist is that? If masks worked, and he knew it yet told people not to wear them, wouldn’t he be responsible for thousands of deaths? Why hasn’t the mask cult held him accountable? 

 Of course, we know he was actually (accidentally?) telling the truth the first time and then changed his story to fit the official narrative, which if anything is even more outrageous. Either way, he lied. There’s no getting around it. 


Now, true to form, the coronafascists are lying about the vaccines. That’s not to say the vaccines don’t work or are especially dangerous, although there are some alarming statistics out there. The lie is that everyone, of any age, regardless of their health or whether they’ve already had the virus, must be vaccinated. This ignores the fact that prior infection confers immunity that may be just as good or greater than what people get from the vaccine. It also denies healthy young people, not to mention parents, the right to make the kinds of risk-reward calculations essential to a free society.  

The suggestion that unvaccinated people pose any risk to the vaccinated is also an absurd lie. Either the vaccines work or they don’t. If they do, why would anyone who has been “fully vaccinated” care whether others have been or not? And if they don’t work—against the virus AND its “variants”—why should a person get “the shot” at all? 

Coronafascists cannot answer this question, nor do they even try. Their strategy is just to keep gaslighting the American public, and why not? It’s worked out pretty well for them so far. They got what they wanted, what the lies were designed to accomplish: the presidency and both houses of Congress, to go along with the Deep State technocracy they already owned. 


The problem with lies, though, is that people eventually learn the truth. And as the truth about fatality rates, masks, and naturally conferred immunity comes out, the Left may face a backlash from citizens incensed that they were lied to and manipulated.  

Hey, a guy can hope, right?  

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