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With the cost of gas weighing on our minds and wallets, Americans desperately need the continuing leadership of a President who will help lift us out of this crisis. As we rely on millions of barrels of foreign oil each day, we are increasing our dependence on nations in an unstable part of the world instead of using our resources right here at home.

In the spirit of the principle of independence our country was founded on, John McCain is embracing America’s independence from foreign oil and dedicated to strengthening our economy and energy needs. This plan, The Lexington Project, aptly named for the town in which America first asserted her independence, will help deliver us away from foreign oil dependence and toward domestic stability by keeping the hardworking American in mind. This will ease the burden now – and ensure a future of American-based energy.

As the United States faces growing energy concerns, we will need a leader who will tackle all of the issues in America’s best interest. Especially now, when our country and our economy are so overly dependent on foreign sources of oil, we need a president who can lead us away from this dependence.

Barack Obama is not ready to solve the energy issues our country faces. He has continuously said no to opening up off-shore drilling, no to providing gas tax relief to Americans, and no to expanding nuclear power. He’s said no to what he calls “dirty energy,” like coal and natural gas and has even proposed to raise taxes on them. He continues to say no to energy solutions that Americans need.

By expanding domestic energy exploration and production, we will be insuring less reliance on countries that do not have America’s best interests in mind. Coupled with clean coal technologies and expanding our use of domestic natural gas – 77 trillion cubic feet of which lies available in the Outer Continental Shelf. We will not only bring down the cost of fuel, but we will make America safer and stronger.

To become independent from high gas prices and foreign oil companies dictating the cost of our energy supplies, we must capitalize on the significant resources we have right here at home.

U.S. dependence on foreign sources of oil contributes to the wealth of undemocratic governments, some of which are supportive of elements that would not be regarded as America’s allies.

Under an Obama presidency, we can expect a repeat of the failed policies of the Carter Administration. The windfall profits tax, which Obama supports, is a page right out of the Carter book. It was a proven failure once, decreasing domestic production of oil, increasing importation, and failing to deliver government revenue. McCain believes this tax is wrong because he has the leadership to learn from the failed policies of others in the past.

John McCain knows America needs to reform its energy portfolio to include both new and proven sources of energy – harnessing solar, wind, and clean coal as well as expanding the use of nuclear power and alternative fuels. He knows Americans need an immediate solution, as well as long-term solutions and he is ready to provide for our country.

From Day One in the White House, John McCain will work to alleviate the burden American drivers are feeling every time they fill up their tanks.

Barack Obama, however, will simply observe as prices continue to rise and our dependence on foreign energy sources swells, saying no to innovation and energy independence. By doing so, Obama is saying no to America’s future prosperity as an energy-independent nation.

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