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Media Madness and Its Methods

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Like many right-thinking Americans, I expect “mainstream” media to keep topping themselves in overt bias or absurdity or both. They rarely disappoint.

Leftwing media’s favorite tool is the sob story, wherein some poor victim is in sorry shape because Donald Trump is in the White House or just because America is a horrible place that needs total transformation into a socialist utopia.


The Washington Post has perfected this, with daily feature stories about teen-aged drag queens and other aggrieved souls who would be happy and well-adjusted if everyone would just pretend along with them.  

On March 12, the Washington Post front page featured a three-hankie article, “Critical HIV pill hard to find in Deep South.” The poster boy of the piece is Robert Rowland of a “tiny town” in Mississippi, where, the paper informs us in the lede paragraph, he “has no problem finding sex partners.”

“What he can’t find is PrEP, the once-a-day pill that protects users against HIV infection, or a doctor who knows much about it, or a drugstore that stocks it.”  Which is not exactly true, as we will see.

“Every few months,” we’re told, he has to drive “three hours” to a clinic to refill his prescription. Just when you might be crying crocodile tears over this inconvenient enabling of his promiscuity, read on.  Near the end of the lengthy piece, it says, “Rowland could buy the drug at a pharmacy about 15 miles south of his home, in the town of Belzoni.  But that pharmacy does not stock it, so he would have to order it at least a day in advance.”  

So, he doesn’t really have to make the long drive to the clinic. But most readers don’t make it to the runover page, and fewer still read to the end.


This is why it’s best to skim to the end of a long article in any liberal media outlet.  That’s where the truth is buried so they can say, “hey, we reported it.” People in the Soviet Union used to have to read to the end of articles in state-owned Pravda and Izvestia to see if any real news lurked there.  They probably still do in Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela and other communist-run paradises.   

Some of the most absurd stuff in the Post is opinion columns penned by former Republicans or faux conservatives.  Former Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson, who is competing with George Will and Jennifer Rubin to see who is the most outspoken “conservative” NeverTrumper, wrote on March 1 that he hoped the president would be brought down by “the oversight of a Democratic House” which he admitted he helped elect. As he said, “this demonstrates why a vote for House Democrats in the 2018 mid-terms was (for some of us) a difficult necessity.”

Remember that the next time the lunatic-led House passes a bill like HR 1, which should be called the Vote Fraud and Illegal Immigration Facilitation Act of 2019, or ponders abominations like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, which would effectively turn America into a communist, energy-poor, cowless country.   Or when you see leftists like Maxine Waters (D-CA) chair the House Financial Services Committee or Jerry Nadler (D-NY) chair the House Committee on the Judiciary.


This past week, Joe Scarborough, who was once a Republican congressman and now spews hatred of Donald Trump on his “Morning Joe” show on MSNBC, wrote a column for the Post entitled, “Can Obama run again?”

Joe wants the Constitution amended to allow a third term for Mr. Obama, whom he calls, “the most significant president since Abraham Lincoln.”  Joe says that “any policy differences I had with Obama now seem so insignificant” (they were always insignificant to RINOs) and lectured that “Americans who still have faith in the upward arc of [Martin Luther] King’s moral universe should be grateful for Obama’s presidency and the way his election exposed the white racism that is still at large in our land.”

Given Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke’s self-hating virtue signaling last week, perhaps it’s time for him to team up with Mr. Scarborough to create a new game show, “Skin Deep,” in which white people compete to see who most loathes himself and his country.  Or it could feature Democrats vying to determine who most hates whites, Christians, straight males and Republican women, plus black, Hispanic and Asian Americans who have left the plantation and identify as Republican.  

As for the randy Mr. Rowland, the Post tells us that he can’t afford the $1,600-a-month cost for the HIV PrEP drug, which is marketed as Truvada, but he gets it for free from its maker, Gilead Sciences, which will pass on the cost to its paying customers. Still, as the Post notes, “the periodic paperwork is a hassle” even though his clinic case manager helps him fill it out.


That must be worth that awful three-hour drive every few months.

Robert Knight is a Townhall contributor.  

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