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Liberal Super Donor Rage Tells Us We Are Winning

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There are some general rules for conservative public officials.  When the Left cries foul over something you do, you are probably winning.  When a coastal Democratic super-donor starts whining over something you do, you are almost certainly winning.  And when that coastal Democratic super-donor is left to complain mostly just to fringe progressive blogs and local lefty press outlets, you are hitting home runs by most measures of the game.


So that tells us that new Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach is knocking it out of the park with his termination of a contract with the notorious trial lawyers of Morgan & Morgan.

Kobach drew big attention when he axed the contract, which he inherited from his predecessor when he took office.  The coverage was pretty clear that the firm had no business having a contract like this, and that there were performance issues underlying the termination. And I spoke in these very pages about how big a deal this was, given that too few on our side bother to step in and clean house when they come into office.

But it seems that John Morgan, the head of Morgan & Morgan and a well-known Democratic super-donor who touts his relationship with the Biden family, has taken to chirping about his firm being given the axe, planting quote-laden articles in the Topeka Capital-Journal, a local progressive capital rag, and on Above The Law, a fringe progressive blog that seems to specialize in hyperbolic complaining about progressive losses and is perhaps most famous for launching the career of one of the most unhinged MSNBC legal commentators, Elie Mystal.   

Apparently, John Morgan is annoyed that he and his buddies’ chokehold on legal work like this is fading.  He bemoans the politicization of his firing in Kansas, without any acknowledgement of how he and his Trump-hating friends have turned state contracting like this into a political money game that feeds the Left, siphoning money from red states into hardcore progressive campaigns.  And he pretends that his termination is all about politics, ignoring the repeated statements and quotes from the Kobach team that make clear that they thought Morgan & Morgan’s work was sub-par and seem to imply that either contractual legal claims against Morgan & Morgan could be on the horizon or perhaps even an ethics or bar complaint.


This is the exact type of double standard that we have come to expect from liberals, and from liberal super-donors.  They complain when their game gets disrupted, as if the real story isn’t the fact that a personal injury firm that is mostly known for its billboards, television ads, and a public relations meltdown over “a nationwide dick joke,” landed a high-profile state contract in a place like Kansas.

Attorney General Kobach shone a light on a major problem when he axed Morgan & Morgan.  The recent chatter from Biden buddy and liberal super-donor John Morgan just confirms how accustomed lefty trial lawyers are to getting their way, and how necessary it is to keep cleaning house.  

As I said before, it is impossible to imagine left-wing attorneys general signing up a Pro-Trump legal team for a big payout, or any half-conservative lawyers for that matter. It is high time that we be as ruthless as they are, especially when the quality of the lawyers in question is like what we seem to be seeing in Kansas.

Attorney General Kobach is at the tip of the spear in that fight, and he should wear the attacks from Morgan as a badge of honor.  When the enemy is shooting at you it’s a sign that you are over the target, or just dropped a bomb down their pipe.  And the fact that only progressive rags and blogs would pick up what Morgan was putting down is a sign of how out of touch his complaints are, which should be a further feather in Attorney General Kobach’s cap.


There is a lesson in this story for all our elected officials: follow the Kobach plan, clean house, kick out the lefty trial lawyers, and win the day!

Rick Manning is the President of Americans for Limited Government.

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