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When Winning Elections Means Actually Winning On Policy, We Celebrate

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People often say that elections have consequences. But that doesn’t always feel true when you are a conservative. We rarely feel like we get real conservative policies even when we win against the left’s underhanded political machine. Instead we often get status quo, do-nothing fecklessness from the people we send to fight for us.


That said, this week we have reason to celebrate, as Brenna Bird, the new Republican Attorney General in Iowa, and Kris Kobach, the new Republican Attorney General in Kansas both tossed overboard the left-wing trial lawyers from Morgan & Morgan.

You’ve likely seen a Morgan & Morgan billboard or one of their ads on television (the tagline is “Bigger is Better”).  What they don’t bother to tell you in their ad campaigns is about their millions upon millions in federal political donations, or how 99% of their federal donations go to Democrats and their allies, or how the firm owner flew Frank Biden, Joe’s brother, to the inauguration on the firm’s jet and then bragged about it in the pages of Politico.

Make no mistake, when you hear the phrase “left-wing trial lawyers,” Morgan & Morgan might as well be the reference image you see in the dictionary.  They are the classic billboard, personal-injury lawyers who bankroll the left and buy friends and allies among the Democratic elite.

Before the midterms, I wrote about how infuriating it is to watch our side’s lawyers help the Left when the Left is so obviously unified against us. 

It is contracts with firms like Morgan & Morgan that are exactly what I was talking about. 

Too few of our side bother to step in and clean house when they come into office. Just consider how Republican Attorneys General inherited contracts with Cohen Milstein, a firm that presses forward with a lawsuit to impose personal liability on President Trump for January 6, yet no one has bothered to toss the firm aside


The Biden DOJ is currently running interference for Cohen Milstein’s case, and it is absurd that taxpayers in conservative states are providing this partisan firm business.

Let’s be honest, Cohen Milstein or Morgan and Morgan don’t provide any better service to these states than a dozen other firms would, so there is no reason not to replace them.

That is what makes the news out of Iowa and Kansas so exciting.  

Brenna Bird and Kris Kobach have each only been in office a few weeks.  Bird took down a long-serving Democrat, and Kobach shifted Kansas much further to the right.  Each inherited a Morgan & Morgan contract.  And neither wasted any time in terminating Morgan & Morgan, putting this liberal outfit to the sword rather than continuing to funnel money from conservative taxpayers into the pockets of left-wing super-donors.  

It is incredibly refreshing to see this kind of swift, principled action by newly elected members of the conservative team. Seeing our votes translate into action is exhilarating, not just because the bad guys took some ordinance this week, but also because the moves in Iowa and Kansas offer a glimmer of hope that more conservative officials will start to act this way, and clean house when they take over an office.

As I said before, it is impossible to imagine left-wing attorneys general signing up a Pro-Trump legal team for a big payout, or any half-conservative lawyers for that matter. 


It is high time that we be as ruthless as they are. And Brenna Bird and Kris Kobach are showing how that is done.

Now, the rest of the conservative lawyers need to wake up and follow suit, starting with the rest of the attorneys general that just came into office.  The fight for freedom is hard enough without conservative run agencies continuing contracts with law firms who tithe to the Left.

The Left is playing for keeps, with a united front. There is nothing stopping us from doing the same. Iowa and Kansas just gave us a masterclass. So, game on!

The author is president of Americans for Limited Government

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