"If Every Day Could Be Just Like..."

Posted: Dec 23, 2008 12:01 AM
"If Every Day Could Be Just Like..."

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?

Have you started yet?

Will you start?

Yes, times are tough for many people.

This year it seems more so for many more people.

Many individuals this year are understandably cutting back on gift purchases. And they don’t like the feeling that ensues.

Yet, Christmas is more about a different type of giving.

Perhaps, not just those feeling strapped, but every one of us is being given an opportunity to better understand that there is yet a higher level of giving, a sharing — of a holy spirit — with each other.

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I enjoy listening to the many songs and hymns that help make Christmas special.

Do you?

Reflect for a moment, before you continue reading, on those Christmas carols that have been special to you.

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Now, join me in reflective consideration by pausing after each line of the following verse as we thoughtfully consider what can be ...

“I hear the bells
Saying Christmas is near
They ring out, to tell the world
That this is the season of cheer.”

“I hear a choir
Singing sweetly somewhere
And a glow fills my heart
I’m at peace with the world
As the sound, of their singing fills the air.”

“I hear a child
Telling Santa what to bring
And the smile upon his tiny face
Is worth more, to me than anything.”

“Oh, why can’t every day be like Christmas
Why can’t that feeling, go on, endlessly
For if every day could be, just like Christmas;
What a wonderful world this would be.”
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The man who sang this Christmas song we called a “king” on earth.

Yet, he sang it as a hymn to the real King, prayerfully asking for humankind to understand what could be:

“For If Every Day Could Be Just Like Christmas ... What a wonderful world this would be!”