Living Large on Welfare

Posted: Aug 22, 2013 12:01 AM
Living Large on Welfare

Welfare or work? Increasingly it is becoming clear that work is hard, boring, and not always as rewarding as getting a check in the mail from your Uncle Sam. Michael Tanner joined the program to discuss the perverse incentives found in America’s welfare programs.

A highlight from Michael Tanner’s white-paper on welfare vs. work: Welfare recipients in Hawaii get the most benefits than any other state, raking in the equivalent of $60,590 pre-tax income annually. That also means that Hawaiians on welfare earn roughly 167 percent of the median salary in the state, which is only $36,275. Ransom Note’s Producer, Michael Schaus, is now trying his hardest to get fired and shipped off to Hawaii. . .

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Show Prep:

Michael Tanner, from Cato, rejoins the program to discuss the perverse incentives found in America’s welfare schemes:

What’s right with Ransom:

Big Three:

Number Three:

I love the way the news decides to report this. . . Here’s a story from Bloomberg about that great guy, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah. . . It’s like Henry Ford pushing for highway expansion. . .

Number Two:

Bloomberg’s Alix Steel, like many other so-called experts, believes that employment can only be fixed by the all powerful Fed. . . Here’s what she had to say this morning.

When are these people going to learn? Employment is a symptom of economic health. Print all the money you want, but if Washington doesn’t get out of the way we’ll all be out of a job pretty soon. . .

Number One:

Surprise drop in the value of the US Dollar. . . But let not your heart be troubled: According to the experts at CNBC, this is FANTASTIC news. . .

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Taxing small businesses is always a good way to bring your fiscal house in order. . . C’mon California; this is getting embarrassing.

Hello NSA. Thanks for listening.

But. . . Wait. . . I thought everything was getting better under President Obama!

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