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Our Nation Faces a Debt Crisis. Here's How to Fix It.

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AP Photo/Gemunu Amarasinghe

There are a few moments in history that require specific actions, and if they’re not taken, things can spiral out of control rapidly.

Two troubling problems we face as a country are intersecting at one moment in history — the pervasiveness of career politicians and their addiction to out-of-control spending.


In effect, they buy their way into office then stay there by robbing you, your children, and your grandchildren through untenable debt.

Let me share with you what I believe: Our debt is not sustainable, our spending is out of control, and both parties are responsible for today’s economic crisis playing out in Washington. It will take a political outsider and a realistic plan, like my ‘Two-Cents To Save America,’ to fix our borrowing problem and ultimately save America from a downward spiral.

The Biden White House is lying to you when they say that a fight over the debt ceiling and potential spending cuts are putting our economy at risk, or that we are risking the devaluing of our dollar.

The reality is that what’s causing the risk and devaluing are THEIR actions.

What’s putting the economy at risk is nearly $32 trillion worth of national debt, a $1.1 trillion deficit in the first six months of 2023, and no willingness by either party to resolve Washington’s unbridled spending habits long-term.
 We need to get spending under control, and I am the only presidential candidate on either side of the aisle with a plan to confront the country’s debt crisis.

My Two-Cents Plan, which will rein in Washington’s spending problem by cutting two cents out of every dollar of discretionary spending, is a long-term solution to a long-term problem.
 America is going down a path it cannot continue to follow. We are drowning in debt, spending more than we ever have, and making decisions that would bankrupt any family. 


Rather than working to find a solution to the current debt crisis, Joe Biden sent Congress a “budget” that amounted to a $1.2 TRILLION-dollar deficit. The last time we had a balanced budget was in 1999. Since then, we have added over $25 TRILLION dollars in new debt. We have accumulated five times as much debt in the last 23 years as we did in the previous 223 years of our nation’s history. 

I love and supported President Trump, but he and the GOP-controlled Congress added trillions to our debt. Nancy Pelosi and her far-left underlings accelerated this spending.

The Pentagon regularly failed audits and cannot account for trillions of dollars. The Department of Education, with its $175 billion budget, helps spread woke ideology while our children fall behind in basic subjects like reading and writing. We pay and reward people not to work, after locking down schools and businesses.

The government is broken, and no politician is going to fix it. That’s just who they are and how they operate. So why do we keep trying to get different results out of the same kinds of people?
 I have a plan to fix this out-of-control spending once and for all. It’s called the “Two Cents Plan” and it does just what it sounds like – it asks the federal government to live with 2 cents less per dollar spent. Ninety-eight percent would remain intact, ensuring few—if anyone—would even notice. 
 It sounds small, doesn’t it? Maybe even doable and possible? 
 We need the government to go on a diet, and this would do that effectively. If we spend just two cents less, we can balance the budget.
 I’ve spent a lot of time doing my own finances and advising companies around the world how to put out a quality product and how to succeed — I can tell you with the path we are on now, the only things certain are failure and bankruptcy. 
 That’s not just my Two Cents. It’s fact.


Perry Johnson is a Republican presidential candidate and third-place finisher in CPAC's straw poll. 

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