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The mainstream media almost exclusively promotes voices from the far left, but the radical agenda being pushed by Democrats in power is not mainstream at all. These liberal policies are an attempt at a cultural shift that fully rejects American principles like freedom, faith, and patriotism.


Hollywood celebrities like Katy Perry and Lizzo took it upon themselves to cancel the Fourth of July, posting on Twitter to discourage their followers from celebrating Independence Day. Posts falsely claimed that independence should not be celebrated when women’s rights are being taken away, making clear references to the Supreme Court’s overturning ofRoe v. Wade.

In similar fashion, the Tucson Women’s March in Arizona hosted a “F—k the Fourth” event to protest the overturning ofRoe. While patriotic Arizona families were celebrating America and honoring those who have fought for our freedoms, thePima County Democratic Party was pushing people to “save [their] outrage” because “Arizona is not a good place to be a woman.”

The irony of it all is that the very ideals upon which America was founded gave individuals and groups such as these the right to speak freely and protest the government. Brave men and women have died fighting to protect every American’s rights, liberties, and freedoms, but those on the left will not even recognize the weight of their sacrifice, opting instead to scream “F—k the Fourth.”

The mainstream media picks and chooses what the American people see, and it is obvious that they prioritize stories that fit the narrative of the far left. Over the long weekend, two tragic shootings took place in Illinois, one in Highland Park, a suburb north of Chicago, and one in Parkway Gardens, south of the city. Which tragedy did the mainstream media cover? Highland Park, where a white man killed six and injured at least 30. The media did not cover the Parkway Gardens shooting in the same fashion, where the population is nearly 100% Black. If we value life and want all Americans to be safe, they should cover what happens every day in Democrat-controlled cities like Chicago, where local Pastor Corey Brooks tweeted, “15 were killed and 60 shot over the weekend in Chicago.  I’m not going to let you forget and this should not be expected or accepted as normal.” Skin color should not dictate how and if you cover crime unless you want to push a stereotype or narrative.


If you turn on shows like The View, you get a liberal viewpoint that pushes narratives like we need abortions to kill special needs children to make it easier on parents.

The Democrat Party claims to be a party of empathy and reason, but they passively approve of breaking the law when it comes to harassing conservative Supreme Court justices. Far-left groups are promising a “summer of rage,” following conservative-leaning Supreme Court rulings, and the mainstream media will continue to paint them out to be the heroes.

However, the mainstream media will not promote conservative groups promising a “summer of service.” Americans will not see the patriots that celebrated the Fourth of July the same as every other year.

Americans will not see the tragic instances of gun violence that do not align with the liberal agenda.

It should then come as no surprise that a recent Gallup poll found that a record-low38%of adults in the U.S. are “extremely proud to be an American.” When the mainstream media is only showcasing the most negative aspects of America, people are going to think that our country has fallen to new lows. The left wants to teach children things like CRT so they grow up believing the country is inherently evil and racist and that all White people are oppressors and all minorities are oppressed.


America is not perfect. No country ever is. But America continues to be a shining city upon a hill for so many. The American Dream lives on in the hearts of patriots everywhere of all backgrounds, but that is not the story that the mainstream media will tell because they want us to believe we are hate-filled, racist, and divided.  

The liberal mob is using the mainstream media to erode traditional American values, which is why it is more important than ever to support conservatives who really share your values. Joy ReidTiffany Cross, and Elie Mystal can fill media platforms with their vitriol promoted by Democrats that continue to support them and their platforms, but it will backfire with everyday Americans.

Republicans represent the Grand Opportunity Party of freedom-loving, public safety-supporting, faith-focused everyday people across the country. We are determined to elect leaders who will protect our founding principles, promote a culture of life, honor our troops at home and abroad, and, most importantly, put every American first so they can achieve the American Dream.

Paris Dennard is the National Spokesperson and Director of Black Media Affairs for the Republican National Committee. Follow him on Twitter: @PARISDENNARD.

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