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Editor's Note: This piece was co-authored by Tom Hanton.

President Donald Trump is a man of action. It’s that cut and dry.

“Actions speak louder than words,” is a truth most of us heard countless times in our youth. And when it comes to action, the great Theodore Roosevelt rightly said, “Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all mankind.”


President Trump is a fearless leader willing to take bold actions to make matters better. His pursuit of prosperity, strength, and safety for our citizens is without question. He is willing to challenge the status quo—so loved by Washington, D.C. insiders, the intelligentsia, and the establishment—in order to improve the lives of Americans living outside the beltway. 

Astonishingly, he has accomplished more in less than four years than his opponent, Joe Biden, has accomplished in 47 years of public life. The fact is, Biden had time to fix problems, but he failed.

President Trump’s accomplishments for the American people speak volumes about his persistence, tenacity, leadership skills, and intellect. He has achieved countless successes in changing the way the Federal Government works (or doesn’t) for all Americans. His successes have been accomplished in spite of constant attacks, distractions, and disruptions by political opponents on both sides of the aisle, not to mention the increasingly shameful and untrustworthy media. 

President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence exhibit a warrior’s ethos and sense of purpose. They will not be deterred from doing what’s right, as opponents cling to “the way we have always done it” mentality.

We are both retired, middle-management level, professional military officers who respect smart, bold leaders who embrace straight talk and decisiveness. The country’s problems are obvious. We need bold and smart leaders unafraid to fight the Deep State, unafraid to challenge the status quo.


Successfully enduring time as Prisoners of War in Vietnam has a way of focusing one’s appreciation for freedom, the greatness of our country, and, on the will to live. We can identify with the president’s boldness and decisiveness. We spent years incarcerated, fighting battles against our Communist captors.  We have experienced similar adversities, as has the president, while he tirelessly works for the American people - since even before his 2016 election victory.

He’s been battling left-wing socialists - we battled Communist prison guards, interrogators, and torturers.

He is bombarded with fake news - we were bombarded with both Communist and leftist American anti-war propaganda. 

He is a strong believer in the United States of America - our strong belief in the country guided us to resist, endure, prevail, and to return with honor.

We strongly support President Trump’s re-election because we see his many actions to improve every aspect of our great country. We know he has so much more to accomplish in a second term, and that his bold actions, just like his first term, will improve the lives of all Americans.

American history reminds us that the temperament of Andrew Jackson, Harry Truman, and even Ronald Reagan came into question. Each proved that they did not have to be liked to be a great President, but they did have to be great leaders. Emotional voting decisions produce less than great presidents.

We must re-elect President Donald Trump for another four years.  The alternative will be a disaster for our great nation.


Orson Swindle was a POW in Hanoi for over six years.  He served as a Presidential Appointee of President Reagan (Asst Secretary of Commerce; a Presidential Appointee of President Clinton (FTC Republican Commissioner), and campaigned extensively for his old friend, the late Senator John McCain in 2000 and 2008.

Over his 25-year Air Force Career, Tom Hanton spend the first half in fighter operations in the F-4 and F-105 aircraft with a combat tour in Vietnam flying 135 missions before becoming a Prisoner of War, spending 275 days in incarceration.  The second half was in staff positions in the USAF, NATO, and the Pentagon.  After his retirement, he spent 15 years as a defense contractor in the Washington, DC area.  Tom earned a BA in Economics from Long Beach State University and a master’s in business administration from Arizona State University.

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