Obama Juggernaut Stalled

Posted: Sep 01, 2009 6:15 PM
Obama Juggernaut Stalled

The inauguration of President Barack Obama last January resembled the coronation of a new king. It appeared as if everyone in the United States voted for the man instead of less than 53% of the voters. It's no secret that many conservatives stayed home on election day, many of whom were despondent and disgusted with their political party. So America elected Obama.

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To say the news media gushed all over the new president would be an understatement of epic proportions. Finally, a President who would not only unite the American people but also create international harmony. Synonyms for President Obama were charismatic, intelligent, articulate and other terms of endearment. And most of all -- especially for the unbiased news media -- he wasn't George W. Bush.

Barack Obama is heralded as America's first African-American president. He's also arguably America's first celebrity president. Once he was elected, only a hermit could avoid seeing Obama paraphernalia. For example, when my family and I visited Disney World in Orlando, Florida in November 2008 and January 2009, just about everyone had Obama gear. We felt like outcasts from the New Obama Order (NOO).

With poll numbers soaring, Obama was a political phenomenon. At least until people started getting wise to his agenda. On Monday, a Rasmussen Poll revealed only 46% of those surveyed approved of Barack Obama's performance. A poll by Gallup the week before showed 47% approval of Obama.

Returning to Disney World in August to celebrate my birthday with my family I noticed a marked change in the attire of many patrons: there was but one person sporting an Obama logo on his clothing. On the other hand, I've observed people sporting Pro-Reagan and Anti-Health Care logos, and decided to wear my own school shirt with a picture of my beloved Ronald Reagan. People loved it!

So what has caused the Obama juggernaut to stall out? Could it be his constant need to apologize to other nations for the perceived misdeeds of his own country? Or his spending the United States into a debt that will haunt our children and grand children? Could people have finally realized that candidate Obama was and remains all flash but no substance?

It's hard not to notice that the more President Obama and his minions -- including a major portion of the news media -- pushes a government-run health care plan, the more Obama sinks in popularity. Suddenly, many Americans are taking a closer look at Barack Obama. Things that didn't seem important in a candidate now seem to be important in a President.

While I'm certain there are Obama supporters out there still hoping for "change they can believe in,” they are not as vocal nor are they wearing their leader's image on their clothing and accessories.

Now that the Obama juggernaut has stalled like the clunkers he bought from Americans with their own money, conservatives must look to 2010 and articulate a message that will harness the serious discontent the American people are feeling towards a man who's nothing more than a "T" shirt and campaign slogan.