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Something is rotten in Denmark.For the past few weeks I have tried to wrap my head around this rollout of Obamacare and how it has crashed and burned in such a rapid and dramatic fashion.My question is; why from day one was this an immediate disaster? How could so many so-called experts along with $600 million taxpayer dollars have created something so useless and worthless?With over three years to construct the website, why was it never means tested before it was presented?Why didn’t it work so easily and efficiently that everyone would praise it to the heavens?


Like I said, something stinks.Then it dawned on me that maybe my theory about the Obamacare failure had always been right on target.Months ago I spoke out on radio and television about how I thought this nightmare of a bill couldn’t possibly work and it was all just an exercise that would be so complicated and dysfunctional no one would want it.Once people became more angry and frustrated they would demand the government fix it, thus ushering in single payer. I was laughed at, thought of as a conspiracy theorist that just didn’t like Obama and wanted to see him fail.No, that wasn’t true.I had done research and listened carefully to Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Kathleen Sibelius and Rahm Emanuel when they said in their own words that the ultimate goal for health care in this country was single payer.

This first step, the screw-up with the website, is just the tip of the iceberg.This whole thing is a “bait and switch”.Very few people can access the website and those that do, have to sign up before they can shop for policy prices.This little tidbit came to light at the hearings last week when under oath one of the contractors said that HHS had demanded a change to the website two weeks before its launch.The change?Don’t allow people to shop and compare prices first; make them enroll before they can comparison shop.Once you are in the database, they’ve got you.


Those few who could enroll and finally see what was in store for them soon discovered that their premiums had doubled and deductibles had gone sky high.They were also made aware that their doctors were not included in the new plans.So Obamas mantra of, “you can keep your doctor…you can keep your health plan…period” was a lie from the very beginning.Hundreds of thousands of people were receiving letters from their insurance companies terminating their coverage.Women were finding out that if they made over $36K they weren’t entitled to a subsidy, yet they would have to pay more for premiums.

Reports just coming out show that many people are opting out of paying for premiums and just signing up for Medicaid.This seems to be attractive to the younger people whom Obamacare depends on to make this thing work.The numbers of people being dropped by their insurance companies dwarf the number of people signing up for Obamacare.

Once it becomes clear to the American people that this iceberg is bigger than the one that took down “Titanic”, all hell will break loose. Next will be the realization that time is running out to sign up and they will have to pay a penalty.They will be penalized for not signing up on a website or telephone number that doesn’t allow them to sign up.


The realization will hit those who work and run businesses that they will be on the hook to pay for those who don’t.They will be paying through the nose for people in poverty or poor health.No subsidies for the working man or small business, but plenty for the poor, members of Congress, their staff, the President, and 2000 plus companies who got waivers from Obamacare.The individuals who sign up can’t possibly pay for it so there will have to be more taxes on those who work.Here is your massive redistribution of wealth.

The CBO says that there will need to be one trillion dollars more in new taxes over the next ten years.The Medicare payroll tax has gone up 2.9% to 3.8% for wages and profits over $200K.Premiums will skyrocket for individuals, and if you own a company with 50 workers and don’t provide health care, you pay $2K per employee to the Fed as a fine.

So as this mess unravels, people become more and more frustrated, and the truth about Obamacare starts to sink in, it will be time for Obama and his minions to step forward and offer to simplify everything and make it easy for everyone.No more insurance companies, no more hassle, the government will make it all better with single payer.That was the goal all along.


And I guarantee you; at that point, websites and phone banks will work flawlessly, just like magic.

Morgan Brittany


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