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The Obama Presidency has officially become imperial.  There is no denying that Barak Obama and Joe Biden have become the monarchs of America. 

Both of them repeat the mantra of how “we are coming out of the greatest financial calamity since the great depression” and when it comes to raising taxes Obama always talks about “shared sacrifice”.  Shared sacrifice?!  I see the American people getting hammered by higher taxes and skyrocketing costs in everything from gas, food, health care and education while he and Biden gallivant all over the world  on the taxpayers dime.

How much did Obama’s golf game with Tiger Woods cost us?  It is estimated to be $1 million + or in other words it cost as much as 341 federal workers furloughed.  What kind of slap in the face is that to the American people?  Here he is hobnobbing with all of his “rich” and powerful friends, who by the way are constantly demonized by his administration, while 47 million people are on food stamps!  Does he really believe that the American people don’t notice?  He chastised Romney for being one of the “out of touch rich people” who don’t understand the poor and middle class, yet all he does is fraternize with the same people he is bashing.  Let’s see, Tiger Woods, Beyonce, Jay-Z and Anna Wintour.  I could go on and on ad nauseum.

While Americans are desperately trying to dig their way out of a huge hole dealing with the new payroll tax increase and rising prices, what does John Kerry do?  He goes running to Egypt to hand Mohammed Morsi $250 million dollars in economic assistancewith the promise of more to come!  Then this past week Obama pledged $200 million to Jordan for Syrian refugees as a down payment for even more funds.  What am I missing here?   America seems to be the outcast step-child to Obama, the one who is last in line to get help and support.

It doesn’t stop there however.  Next, Joe Biden gets in on the spending spree.  Just this week we found out that he racked up a tab of over$1 million for TWO nights in London and Paris; $585,000.50 at the Hotel Intercontinental Paris Le Grand, a luxury 5 star hotel and $459,388.65 at the Hyatt Regency in London.  How is that even possible?

These people either have no concern about this country and the American people, or they are just so addicted to spending and living a lavish lifestyle that they feel “entitled”.

 Just like King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette before the French Revolution, who flaunted their excesses and had little or no regard for their people, Obama and Biden are displaying the same cavalier attitude.  If they are going to blatantly live the high life, then don’t lecture us on “shared sacrifice”.  A real leader would cancel golf trips, lavish parties and vacations until he saw that the country was on its feet financially.  He wouldn’t keep asking the American people to fund his excesses while closing the doors to White House tours, and cutting back on our military and their well-being.  He would be cutting off aid and bribes to the countries that openly hate us and use those funds to make our own country the strongest in the world.

Obama fiddles while Rome burns.  Now that he has been re-elected there is no need to even pretend that he is trying to turn this country around.  As we watch the debt clock tick toward $17, $18, $19 trillion dollars in debt all we hear is that “we don’t have a spending problem”.  I guess not, if we can just continue to print money every day to cover an overnight stay in Paris.

Still, no one seems to care.  There is no outcry from the American people.  What will it take for them to wake up and recognize this lunacy?  Obama knows that this is his last term as president and he is going to milk it for all it’s worth.  Why not?  He has a secure future with the promise of millions in book deals, speaking engagements and a life of luxury to look forward to.  Can the average American citizen say that?  No, we don’t even know if we have a financial future.  So if in 2016 the ship sinks…well, it’s someone else’s problem, not his.

It’s easy to live on other people’s money.  It’s like a business expense account to them; go for the Cristal and the 5 star hotel, they aren’t paying for it.  But we the American people are, and our credit card has maxxed out.

Morgan Brittany

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