Don’t Rest Until You Get Out To Vote on November 6

Posted: Oct 29, 2018 12:01 AM
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Don’t Rest Until You Get Out To Vote on November 6

As an inventor and entrepreneur, my focus was never on politics. All that changed when then-presidential candidate Donald Trump reached out to me for a private meeting. I knew this was going to be a divine appointment.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked into his office on August 15, 2016. We talked about products made in the USA, his desire to bring jobs back, how to help the inner cities, the economy, and so much more. I saw first-hand his true passion to help our country. I walked out of that office convinced he would be the greatest president ever, and went all in with my support and credibility.

Since that divine meeting, I have come to understand the importance and power of politics and the impact political decisions have on our daily lives. For nearly two years now, I have been very vocal in my support of President Trump. People ask me all the time, “Mike, how can we help our President?” My answer has been, “Pray for him to have great wisdom, discernment, and protection.” Now, in addition to praying for our President, we can do more by voting in people that will support him and help him continue to make this country the greatest ever.

I always enjoy talking with people about the amazing things our President has accomplished in just two years. Regardless of political leaning, all fair-minded Americans can appreciate the revving economy, the record-low unemployment statistics for African-Americans and Hispanics, the favorable trade deals, and better national security at home and abroad.

Our President has made one of the largest tax cuts in US history and moved the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. He is well on his way to destroying ISIS, and has made trade deals that benefit Americans. He is also taking on the opioid epidemic. As a former crack addict, that is of particular interest to me.

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Now is not the time to be complacent. We are approaching the most important midterm election in history. We need to get out and vote for the candidates who will support our President. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors to make sure they vote.

As I always say, “Everyone loves our President, some just don’t know it yet.”