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An Embarrassment to Our University

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Author’s Note: Please watch this video before reading the column.

Dear Scott Burgess:

I am in receipt of your message saying that I am “A douche bag and an embarrassment to our university.” It’s been several weeks since you’ve written and I have been busy. But now that I have the time I wish to respond to your concerns that my weekly political column is causing embarrassment to our university and to higher education in general.

Back in 2013, a reader named Edward wrote to tell me that I was the biggest embarrassment to higher education in the entire country. I responded to him by listing other embarrassing professors (and campus incidents) he may have overlooked. While your accusation that I am “an embarrassment to our university” is not as broad as Edward’s accusation, I think it merits a similar response.

By focusing solely on me as an embarrassment to our university, you seem to have overlooked the following sources of embarrassment. Here are some you should have considered before writing to me:

*A professor in the English department at our university has written and published poems in which he fantasized about killing a man with his penis and about having sex with a dead woman. All in all, I would say that those bizarre sexual fantasies, including fantasies about necrophilia, are more embarrassing than my sometimes-acerbic conservative political commentary.

* An education professor was exposed for teaching his white students “black English” so they could communicate with inner city students. After I wrote about his antics, a local black newscaster picked up the story on the evening news. She was appalled that the professor was reinforcing racial stereotypes, which suggested that black people speak in a manner that is so indecipherable it actually constitutes a separate language. I’m sure you will agree that reinforcing stereotypes of blacks as being incapable of using proper English is quite an embarrassment to our university.

*A UNCW counselor was caught steering players towards bogus classes that were being offered to unqualified student athletes at UNC-Chapel Hill. I’m sure you think I’m an embarrassment for ridiculing these bogus academic programs. I’ve done it for years in my “embarrassing” opinion column. But when the controversy finally hit the national news – and the fraud was linked to our own campus - I felt vindicated. Others were embarrassed. How about you, Scott?

*Many years ago, a police officer (and a former student of mine) caught a UNCW professor having sex with a male prostitute in an alley in downtown Wilmington. He was certainly embarrassed when he got caught in the public act of sex with a male prostitute. But at least he didn’t publish poems about having sex with dead people. I guess that embarrassment, like truth, is a relative concept.

*A UNCW professor was once a member of the Weathermen – a domestic terrorist organization. He was charged with attempted murder for his alleged involvement in a 1969 sniper attack on a police station in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The charges were dropped. However, he and three other Weathermen also were found guilty on assault and battery charges stemming from a disruption at Boston English High School. He has spoken openly about his involvement with the Weathermen in front of students. I think it’s an embarrassment to our university. Are you embarrassed about this, Scott?

*Speaking of terrorism, a feminist professor accused a male professor of putting tear gas in her office. She was later seen putting her mail in a microwave oven. She did this because she thought people were trying to poison her with anthrax and that the oven would neutralize the toxins. She was not placed on leave for psychiatric reasons. Instead, she was designated as the university’s official “counter terrorism” expert. Sixteen years after she first falsely claimed that people were terrorizing her, she is still teaching at our university. Despite filing false felony police reports, and multiple false claims of sexual harassment, she still has tenure. And that’s embarrassing. Wouldn’t you agree, Scott?

*And then, of course, there is Mike Adams. He writes conservative columns and uses biting sarcasm. He’s clearly the one you need to be writing and calling a “douche bag and an embarrassment to our university.”

Scott, I hope that in the future you will pay closer attention to what is happening in higher education. Our universities are turning into asylums that are being run by herds of lunatics who are too dysfunctional to survive in any other environment except for academia.

Finally, Scott, it isn’t conservatives who are responsible for the lunacy. It’s the political left that is turning these institutions of higher learning into mental institutions. Take the time to log on to and get a real education.

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